This Week In Raptorland: Back To Business

On this show we look back on the Dunk Contest won by Terrence Ross. In addition we look to the future and Josh and I were part of the mass amount of media that were out to see Andrew Wiggins play in my hometown of Hamilton. We get into why trade deadline may leave you feeling blue. You need something blue for a wedding and we even had an announcement of one of those. It is an hour long ride as we try to figure out what exactly Family Day is along the way.

Thanks to Josh as always for co-piloting the show and to DeMar and Amir who are always willing guests to talk with. We get back to business tomorrow with the Raptors in action against the Wizards. Also the trade deadline looms and who knows if anything will happen. I make reference to Vince Carter not commenting on Terrence Ross dunk tribute to him it appears he has.

I had not seen this at the time we recorded the podcast. So looks like Vince did reach out to Ross which was the classy thing to do. If you are unable to listen to the podcast here or would like to download it using I-Tunes or other means please head over to our podcast host and do so there.

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