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James Borbath- Publisher/Owner

He started the Dino Nation Blog in 2007. In that time has built it into one of the more well known blogs on the Toronto Raptors on the internet. Since the blogs humble beginning, James has gained the blog access for the last three years covering Raptor games and has interviewed players and media personalities connected with the Toronto Raptors as well as others connected to the NBA and basketball in general. James also has been a guest on radio on several stations across the country and been a weekly guest on The Sports Grind. A life long Raptor fan long before the Dino Nation Blog was around and a broadcast journalism grad from Mohawk College. He resides in Hamilton, Ontario and jokingly refers to his home as DNB HQ

Stephen Brotherson- NBA Feature Writer

Stephen Brotherston has covered the Toronto Raptors and NBA teams visiting the Air Canada Center (ACC) since 2009.  His articles have appeared in USAToday.com, Hoopsworld.com and Bleacher Report and he has been a guest on ESPN Radio, Fox Radio and featured on NBA-TV Canada. A credentialed member of the media in Toronto, Stephen is a regular at Raptors press conferences and games at the ACC. He has interviewed numerous NBA players, prospects, coaches and executives to get the first hand information usually not available to the public. Currently the Editor and Publisher of ProBballReport.com, sports journalism is a second career for Stephen.  Previously he was a shareholder and senior executive with two manufacturing companies, provided financial consulting services to business owners as a partner and manager with major public accounting firms and spent several years in commercial banking.Stephen is a member in good standing with the Professional Basketball Writers Association.

Candice Kaye- Feature Writer

Former Captain of the Raptors Dance Pak, Candice, is now a full time Designer. Her focus is primarily in interior and textile design. Candice's knack for the arts has led her to create her own personal design outlet, icandiblog.com. iCandi, updated daily, showcases the latest trends in music, fashion, design, and style, through her eyes. You can meet Candice on twitter @iCandikaye. Candice will be doing features on NBA style and fashion and will be also doing some things about Dance Pak as well as some other fun stuff. Whatever she is doing, you can expect an upbeat fun spirit just as she had for three years as a member of the Raptors Dance Pak.

 Jevon Minott- DNB Community Manager.

Jevon. loves Jamaican patties and fast cars. Same with basketball (at least for the fast part) To say he likes basketball would be attempting to downplay it. Basketball has been his favorite sport of recent years as it is a face-paced, exciting game. His love for the Raptors was “on and off” until the 09-10 season when the Raptors were holding a playoff spot. By the end of that season they were fighting for the 8th seed for the playoffs. That was also the first time he had ever attended a game. Just being at the ACC gave him a brand new perspective on watching an NBA game: The live action, the fans, and the heckling. All of that made him not only enjoys being a Raptors fan, but also enjoys basketball as a whole. From Ray Allen shooting 3’s to Blake Griffin doing lobs. Another aspect of the NBA he enjoys is the great shots that many photographers take during gameplay. In joining DNB he will be helping all of you enjoy the DNB and Raptors basketball more and helping spread the love of Dino Nation Blog and basketball to the masses.

Jerrica Tyrene- DNB Community Manager

To her, the Raptors represent an opportunity for her to be around my family and friends. A communal space. A sense of familial kindness. The ACC and every Raptors game is a place where she feels like she can escape and just enjoy the game. A place where she can have tweet ups with her fellow Raptors fans twitter  (Her Twitter Handle is @jeaarr) and just enjoys everyone's company. One question she always gets asked whenever she tells someone that she is a Raptors fan. Who is your favourite Raptor of all time? My answer: Tyrone Muggsy Bogues. Why him, you may ask. Well, he's the reason why she is a Raptors fan. She remember being a little girl sitting in the living room of her aunt's little condo. Her family would be gathered around the TV and her aunt would go CRAZY for Muggsy. This is where Jerrica got her crazy enthusiasm for being a Raptor Fan. To her, basketball is more than just a sport. The Raptors not only do things for themselves...but for their fans instead. They include all of us in their family according to Jerrica. Now she is part of our DNB Family and will be active doing some things to interact with all of you that love the DNB and the Raptors.

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