Money Talks as Masai Ujiri Lands Back With Raptors

The Raptors after a week of waiting, have indeed are landing the not so secret first choice to replace Bryan Colangelo in Denver’s Executive of the Year Masai Ujiri. It cost them a lot of money but I will be the last person you will hear to complain about that. In fact that is exactly what the Raptors can and should do in terms of coaches and management positions. There is no limit on what you can spend in those areas and if you have it why not use it. Clearly Denver was not interested in overpaying to keep their Executive of the Year.

To win the award in back to back years will be far from easy. Bryan Colangelo has made that pretty certain it would seem. That said everyone was convinced that Urjiri would never be able to get a fair deal for the disgruntled Carmelo Anthony in Denver. Perhaps having a ring side seat for one of Colangelo’s biggest blunders in how he handled the Chris Bosh situation was a great guide.

Colangelo will be around to guide Ujiri if he so desires as well as Wayne Emery both of whom Masai thinks of as mentors from his time here with the Raptors. This is the second time the Raptors have taken Ujiri from the Nuggets as he was originally hired away from there to work as an assistant to Colangelo for his first tour of duty with the Raptors.

It is safe to say that Masai will be looked too as perhaps a messiah for an organization that is desperate to erase 18 years invested in the NBA with very little to show for it. Colangelo know first hand how that feels and at first he looked to be that God like figure that was going to fix the Raptors. He did deliver the only Division Title that this team has managed to acquire. That was the high point as the team never advanced out of the first round losing to both the Nets in 6 games and Magic in 5 games before going into playoff exile for the last 5 years.

Clearly Ujiri understands what he is getting himself into. Knowing is half the battle according to G.I Joe. That other half of the battle is not so easy but the Raptors got exactly who they wanted to get that job done. If he fails it will not be because the Raptors didn’t get the best man for the job. If he fails it might make the idea of this franchise ever being able to succeed seem bleak to impossible.

Welcome back Masai Ujiri and good luck trying to solve the rubik’s cube of the NBA that is the Toronto Raptors


Demar DeRozan Highlights Please

Well we are stuck in wait and see mode as the Raptors G.M Search is stalled. So why not look at one of the best pieces the new G.M whoever it ends up being in DeMar DeRozan. Check out the latest offering from our friends at Game Entertainment (@GameEnt15 on Twitter) with just a serious work of art looking back on DeRozan's 2012-13 season:

Andrew is just amazing at what he does. Just an amazingly talented guy at what he does. So now back to waiting to see if the Raptors will disappoint us again. You owe it to yourself to go subscribe to Andrew's Youtube Channel and hey if you haven't seen all his stuff it will help kill some more time while your waiting to hear word on Raptors G.M Search.


DNB Wants You

Not just the Raptors are making changes but here at the Dino Nation Blog we have plan for changes and building a team. Last season I had attempted to build a staff and develop a concept of Team DNB. Unfortunately that did not live up to what I had hoped. But it remains the goal. That said the search to find a staff to work for the DNB begins again.

The DNB has become an established brand in Raptors Blogging community and it offers a great platform for the right people to make a name for themselves as part of that brand. We have been around for 5 years and primarily it has been a one man operation with at times adding individuals to the mix.

What we are looking for is people that are creative and skilled and willing to work hard to create great content and an overall great website. Primarily the focus of people we bring in will be handling the writing aspects of the site. We have exciting plans to extend our reach in terms of audio and video.

Basically if you have something you feel you can add to a multi-media environment we would love to talk with you. Anything from website design to graphic design or written, audio or video projects. Help be a part of taking the DNB to the next level as part of Team DNB.

So what we are looking for:

  • People with both solid knowledge and opinions on the Raptors and NBA.
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What we will provide you:

  • Experience
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  • Opportunity to work for an established brand.
  • Chance to grow and  develop your own ideas

Basically the main thing is we need committed dedicated people. This positions will be volunteer basis but should be treated like you would any job. All that is asked is you let us know your availability and when you have work to be done that you finish it with in that time frame. We have a loyal audience that deserves your best and that is what will be expected.

So if you are interested please reach out and contact me at Dinoblogger@Gmail.com

Also we are looking for advertisers for next season. So if you own a business that is looking to attract people within our audience we would love to talk with you.  We offer advertising on all of our platforms from the website to our established and new audio and video properties. You can have packages that include advertising over all platforms or individual ones.

There is no timeline for hiring of staff. We will attempt to attract the best candidates to help us as the main focus. In terms of advertisers we offer rates for the full season from Nov-Jun as well as off-season rates. Prime advertising spots will be on a first come, first serve basis and be done based on giving priority to our established partners.


Raptors Can't Afford To Be Rejected Again

The Raptors did in fact get permission to talk with their first choice to replace Bryan Colangelo as G.M the current NBA Executive of the Year Masai Ujiri. He met with Tim Leiweke for most of Friday according to many sources covering the story. It is said that Raptors will be offering far more money than Denver is willing or able to spend at the end of the day.

The Raptors are now left to sit and wait just like they did just about 10 months ago after making Steve Nash an offer he couldn’t refuse. Thing is Nash did refuse and it took awhile for him to do so. Expect Masai to come to a decision in a much quicker fashion.

If the Raptors fail to land Ujiri that will be a tough pill to swallow and a hard sell to a fan base that is use to seeing the Raptors fail at landing their first choices for things. If Tim Leiweke wants to establish he can enable change for this franchise that has had 18 years or more struggle than success he needs to get his guy here.

It also would speak to a larger problem if they failed to land Masai. Ujiri more than most understands the Raptors’ unique position and circumstances in surviving in the NBA. He after all worked as part of the organization under Bryan Colangelo. It is unclear if Colangelo being kept around will be considered a positive of negative for Ujiri. He considers Bryan and Wayne Emery as two of his mentors.

If the Raptors fail they have already reached out to seek permission to talk with Kevin Pritchard. That said make no mistake about it in that Masai Ujiri is their number one choice. Anyone else will be a distant second and in some ways be viewed as a failure.

As for Ujiri’s current employers the Nuggets aside from not having the money to outbid the Raptors they do of course want Ujiri to remain. He clearly has done a fantastic job in guiding the Nuggets through the tricky departure of Carmelo Anthony. Likely learning a lot of what not to do with having a front row seat for watching Chris Bosh cut bait for Miami.

One way or the other it would seem like we should find out this week if the Raptors get the big fish they are trying to land this year. Ujiri while he will never sell a jersey with his name on it like Nash no doubt would have, he still maybe able to have as big an impact. So we sit and wait like the girl hoping that the hot guy will pick up the phone and call her.


To Do List For The Raptors' New G.M

Within 30 days we are told we will know who in fact will be the Raptors new G.M. Once that person is in place here is a quick to do list of things that need to be addressed entering into this off-season and beyond.

1. Dwane Casey and his coaching staff: You need to make a decision on if you want to allow Dwane Casey to remain on for one more year and extend the assistants on his staff whose deals need to be redone. Do you run the risk by keeping case of being married to him long term as it went for Bryan Colangelo with Sam Mitchell. Do you make a clean break and start with a brand new coaching staff? What role do the players play in this if any?

2. Dealing with Amnesty Clause: The Raptors still have the Amnesty clause able to be used and realistically it will only be used on one of two people, either Linas Kleiza or Andrea Bargnani. When Colangelo was expected to be running the show no one could have imagined it being used on anyone but Kleiza but would a new G.M just simply cut his loses with Bargnani and save the aggravation of trying to trade him? Colangelo has always claimed a deal for Bargnani was possible will a new G.M think the same or see him as an asset that can not be moved without an added cost attached to it. The only other candidate you could use the clause on would be Amir Johnson and that is clearly not going to happen based on his play last season.

3. Bargnani Exit: If you decided not to use the amnesty clause than you must try to figure out how to move Andrea Bargnani from this roster. It is safe to say that Andrea coming back at this point is not something that either side would look forward to at this point. How Bargnani is dealt with and how quickly could impact on a great number of things heading into both the draft and the off-season.

4. Point Guard Position: What do you do here with Kyle Lowry with just one year left and a team in need of a back-up should you decide to keep him. What will you have in terms of money to find a point guard? Do you try to accomplish getting one as part of a trade? Would you entertain jumping into the draft if a prospect like Myck Kabongo was still around in round 2? Bottom line something big or small needs to be done to sure up this position.

5. Destruction or Construction: Will the new G.M see this team in the same light as Bryan Colangelo as on the verge of the playoffs and contention? Or will he see it as team flawed to fail and want to tear it apart. The temptation to tear it apart would be rather larger with Andrew Wiggins sitting out there in next season’s draft. That said would MLSE sign off on another rebuild? Can they afford to with 5 straight season of missing the playoffs.

Those are just some initial questions for the person that will fill Bryan Colangelo’s chair. It is a tough mess they have been left to deal with from a contractual point of view. It is a much less friendly situation than the one Colangelo was handed. The trade of Jalen Rose to the Knicks was able to free up a lot of space for an incoming Colangelo. Trading pieces like Andrea Bargnani or even Rudy Gay or DeMar DeRozan would not be easy even if that was the route you wanted to take.


Raptors Lose the Lotto But Look To Cash In With Ujiri

So the Raptors dodge a bullet last night and lose the lottery as expected.  You may say why root against the Raptors winning the lottery. There are a few reasons why. The first being that this draft class likely offers players that are not worth the money the draft slots they will fill in terms of price. In addition the Raptors are already pressed to the limit in terms of the expected cap for next season and tax threshold number. So while you would add talent the price would be far too high in a couple ways.

Secondly, it clears one of the problems left by Colangelo going forward in the pick that was used to acquire Kyle Lowry. Now Oklahoma City will select 12th and we no longer need to be concerned about that trade. It also gives the Raptors full control of their pick for next season’s draft. A draft class that is expected to be much stronger and led by Andrew Wiggins the Canadian star who will be a freshman at Kansas this season. But the Raptors regardless of if they will be in the lottery or not at least control their pick again and have a piece they could use in trades with a new G.M coming into the fold.

The Raptors really want to win in their search for a new G.M. They have made contact with the Nuggets in order to officially have conversations with their clear number one candidate Masai Ujiri who is the executive of the year in the NBA and a former member of the Raptors management under Colangelo.

He is the clear number one for a variety of reasons. He showed what he is made of in his time with Denver. How he handled the Carmelo Anthony situation in comparison to how Colangelo handled the Bosh situation when Ujiri was still part of the Raptors showed he was watching and learning. He is widely praised for what he was able to get in a situation where he cleared was forced into a tough situation.

He is familiar with the Raptors organization having been a part of it along with all the challenges that go with it. No matter what people say or think the Raptors are indeed the most unique market in the NBA and it offers it’s own very specific challenges. Ones that Ujiri would enter in with his eyes wide open too. It is a safe bet the MLSE can offer far more in terms of money than Denver can or is willing to offer. If this is just a case of who has the deeper pockets the Raptors will get their man. If he turns them down it will lead to all kinds of questions. Did he because he knows the issues and doesn’t feel they can be over come? Tim Leiweke seems convinced they can be but he just got here and people who have been here for 18 years plus can tell you how many have come along thinking the same way only to be met with the cold reality of the fact the Raptors are a unique franchise that have unique challenges. You can’t hide the fact the Toronto is in Canada and the TSN is not ESPN. It is different here just ask Chris Bosh. Solving how you over come that is probably one of the keys to have long-term success here.

Colangelo thought he found a loop hole to the problem by turning to Europe and looking to build a mainly Euro-based roster. That has proven to be only successful to a point. In the end you have to still have some American talent to be successful. What also will be a challenge for whoever is next s how they choose to embrace the influx of Canadian talent entering the fold? Anthony Bennett of UNLV by way of Canada was featured on the Draft Lottery show. In the mix to be a top 5 pick. Andrew Wiggins is almost destined to be the number one pick next season. It is a wave of Canadian Talent that has invaded the NCAA and now is starting to invade the NBA as well. How the new G.M handles that may be as big a factor as any. Colangelo added the first ever Canadian to the Raptors an aging and over the hill Jamaal Maglorie. That was a mistake but to land an emerging and growing Canadian talent seems almost a necessity going forward for this franchise. But they likely are far too good to seriously dream about getting Andrew Wiggins in the short term. If they pick the right G.M now however who is to say he can’t build a franchise that could make a run at Wiggins in the future in free agency. That remains realistic for him and many other Canadians that will eventually be part of the free agent landscape.


Colangelo Out as G.M But Not Out Of The Building

So it is safe to say that your holiday weekend was better than Bryan Colangelo’s. Colangelo is out as G.M of the Toronto Raptors but in true MLSE fashion losing one job is not a firing but just the reassigning to another job. Just like Colangelo did with Jay Triano making him an assistant to himself in effect Bryan has become that for Tim Leiweke. A president in charge of nothing to do with basketball operations is his new job.  A new G.M will report directly to Leiweke and have final say on all basketball matters. It all seems too comical but it is in fact the case. Leiweke expects to have a new G.M in place within 30 days and classified the search and already being underway.  As for why this took so long Leiweke said he took two weeks to evaluate everything with the organization and Colangelo. I have 7 years of watching this but no one asked me. To be serious thought it is not that this is the wrong move being made here. I think it would be hard for anyone to defend that Colangelo has not been given a chance he clearly has. It is the fact that in true MLSE fashion this was done in a strange and odd manner that makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

If the Raptors land Masai Ujiri which has been the rumour floating around a lot of this will be forgotten. Still it makes you question how this organization does business. It is clear that Leiweke has a lesser opinion of the franchise and the job that Colangelo has done with it. He stressed again the importance of branding this team as a team for all of Canada. He stressed that up to this point they have failed in that.

Colangelo on the other hand is trying to paint himself much like Brian Burke with the Leafs. A guy that has laid down the foundation for success, despite his own removal from the G.M’s chair seems somewhat self serving and far from accurate when describing the Raptors.   It remains to be seen but I would hardly class the Raptors as a team on verge of greatness. I would even have trouble classing them as a playoff team next year.

Whoever the new G.M is he will have a lot of Colangelo’s mess to deal with and also Colangelo still around on top of that. Even Leiweke admits this situation could be problematic but assures everyone that if it is he will handle it. Colangelo himself understands that if he interferes or gets involved without being asked he is likely out on his butt.

My question is so why do it in the first place. Colangelo is free to seek another job and it seems that while his loyalty to Toronto and Raptors was stressed by Leiweke and by him, it is only a matter of time until he moves on. So why not just fire him and be done with it.

MLSE remains to be a puzzle that makes no sense. Leiweke is expected to officially be on the job starting June 3rd moving that date up from July 1st. But he clearly is already on the job make decisions. That said his choices seem just as confusing and puzzling as the ones made by MLSE in the past.

If not Masai Ujiri any second choice would be pretty bad in my view. Ujiri clearly understands what he would be getting into coming back to his former employer and understands the challenges that Toronto faces. Leiweke still seems to think these issues can be overcome. He claims to have talked with players who say they love Toronto. That is great but till we see their names on contracts I have a hard time believing they love it all that much.

At the end of it all whoever is calling the shots will still have a huge mess left by the outgoing G.M and still president of all things not basketball related Bryan Colangelo. That is not going to be an easy puzzle to solve. Good luck to all applicants you are going to need it.


News and Notes for May 16th

The Playoffs: So Miami and Memphis have moved on to the conference final. This makes only 4 franchises to have yet to play in a Conference Finals. The Raptors being one of the four along with the Clippers, Bobcats and one other team not to reach the Conference Finals.  It stings when you realize the Grizzlies once that Vancouver team that we laughed about.

The latest Raptors’ mess is the simple choice on what to do in terms of Bryan Colangelo’s future. It has been just about a month since the Raptors season came to its conclusion and still we wait and wonder about who will be the G.M of this team. My partner on This Week In Raptorland Josh Lewenberg wrote a great piece on this whole situation go give it a read here.

Demar’s Shoe Game: Demar DeRozan is in the running to win an award. For his shoe game which is apparently cool. I have never been much of a sneakerhead myself. Even I notice some of the stylish kicks that Demar has sported through out the year. Here is an article making the case for him being the King of kicks from Nice Kicks .com.

The Draft
: The Raptors despite not having picks are in Chicago checking out the draft combine. Lots of rumours about teams looking to get picks, including the Raptors apparently but don’t believe the hype.  I would doubt this rumour has much base given the Raptors current cap situation. The Raptors still have to see if they end up with a pick via the draft lottery first of all. There is no question it should be a buyers market for picks in this draft. Most will be more interested in next season’s draft class expected to be topped by Andrew Wiggins who earlier in the week choose to take his great talents to Kansas.

It is a holiday weekend coming up so make sure to have fun and be safe. Will start are search for DNB Staff shortly after that.


News And Notes: B.C's Future, Wiggins to Kansas and Playoffs

It has been awhile but back typing on keys and talking some ball with you all again. The big story of the day is the announcement of Andrew Wiggins going to Kansas. Having had the chance to see him live and in person here in Hamilton there is no question he is worth the hype.

I find it interesting that in an age where the media seems to know everything before it happens. No one seemed to have a good idea on this one. It speaks to Wiggins and the type of young man he seems to be. He is greatly talented but not all that concerned with the hype that surrounds that talent. Most of the media and me had him targeted to go to Florida State. If it wasn’t there it was going be Kentucky. Well it ended up being neither.

The truth is whatever school that gets Andrew Wiggins was the winner. He could go to any school and likely keep his earned place as the number one pick in the 2014 draft. Congratulations to him and good luck as he has the chance of being the best Canadian Basketball player ever. Someone had noted this on twitter, in a place where the game’s Canadian Inventor spent many years at Kansas.

As for the Raptors it seems a strange game of chicken has begun as relates to the future of Bryan Colangelo. MLSE has still yet to make a choice about his future and Colangelo is apparently quite fed-up about it. I have to say regardless of what you think of the job he has done it hard not to agree with him. This is not rocket science here you have basically three options:

  • Pick up the option on his contract
  • Don’t pick up the option
  • Offer Colangelo an Extension

The stalling is keeping Bryan from finding a new position somewhere if the ultimate choice is to let him go. This is not a good way to do business as the end of the day. It is not like MLSE is hurting for cash and needs to force Bryan into quitting.

As for the NBA Playoffs I feel for the OKC Thunder that a year ago at this time looked like the team to battle the Heat for years to come. Now no James Harden and Westbrook lost to injury and they are on the verge of being out of it altogether this year. It sure seems like Miami has a clear path to the title. Really no one even looks as close to as strong as them at this point. I have to say the NBA Playoffs for me have not been exciting. Maybe it is my fault for always looking ahead rather than enjoying the moment in front of me.

Anyway that is about it from me. I will be starting a search for some staff soon. It is going to be vital to find some people to take this thing to where I want it to go.


5 Questions That Will Impact Raptors Outlook Beyond Colangelo

As we wait for the Raptors to decide on the future of their G.M let’s take some time to worry about some other concerns this off-season. Here are some questions to ponder beyond the future of Bryan Colangelo.

1. Can Rudy Gay be healthy and put his back issues behind him?

This might be the most vital concern given how much money the Raptors have wrapped up in Rudy Gay. He did to his credit try to play though his injuries last season but Raptors need a player at 100% for all the money they are sending his way.

2. Kyle Lowry in a contract year.

Kyle Lowry really did not match some rather high expectations last season and now he most likely will enter next with no contract extension. What will we get from Lowry in a season where he could be more concerned with his own numbers than the numbers of his team? Even if things go great do we realistically think he will want to remain in Toronto? Drama no matter what it would seem.

3. What do you end up with Bargnani?

The worst case is that he is back and unable to be traded. The best is if you we’re able to trade him without giving up anything else to do it. In the end the Andrea Bargnani fire sale will never get a return that will make you happy. But it is more about minimizing the damage at this point.

4. Jonas and Ross in Year 2.

It is important for both Jonas and Ross to continue to grow and become bigger parts of the rotation. This is especially true in the case of Jonas. Ross on the other hand will have to fight to earn minutes with DeRozan, Gay and likely a healthy Landry Fields all making their own cases for minutes. Jonas on the other hand will be counted on to start and stay on the floor and play major minutes.

5. Playoffs?

Everyone wants or needs this team to make the post-season. That said is it really as easy and some think? Cleveland and Washington should both also be teams looking to make that jump. The Raptors even with the changes they made through out the season struggled to be a .500 team even when you forgive a 4 -19 start. The expectations will be playoffs or else this is definitely the case should Colangelo and Casey both return. If they get off to another slow start expect Tim Leiweke to not be as patient as the MLSE Board was last season.

There are more questions like if this team can actually play defence and other issues but these are 5 big ones that should dominate the conversation over the summer and heading into the season. 


Raptors in a Holding Pattern For Now

The Raptors have kind of been in a state of limbo since the end of the season. This was no doubt due to the incoming arrival of Tim Leiweke as the head of MLSE. He stated that the Raptors would be first on his plate. First on that list for the Raptors is obviously determining the future of Bryan Colangelo. It would seem that may be coming soon as meeting are expected to take place with the board and Leiweke and Colangelo as well. Leiweke has stated that he will be advising the board in terms of what to do in terms of Colangelo.

It could go just as many expected with Colangelo having his option picked up. Phil Jackson who was rumoured to be a candidate to replace Colangelo has since got involved with the Pistons as a consultant in their coaching search. It does make sense for Jackson to wait a season if he had true interest in the Raptors job. It would also allow Dwane Casey another year to try and establish himself as the coach of this team. No one expects the Raptors to contend next season. They do expect them to make the playoffs. But if you wait a year on deciding to bring in someone new to replace Colangelo it would not be the end of the world. Bryan has put this team in such a position that not a lot can be done to change the roster. The core group he has brought in to the fold is pretty much locked in.

Another thing still to be determined is if the Raptors will have any role in the NBA Draft in terms of having a draft pick. Short of winning the draft lottery and landing in the Top 3 they will not be a part of things currently. On surface winning the lottery in any of the top 3 spots would be a major headache for the Raptors. The Raptors just don’t have the room to add a guaranteed contract at the level a top 3 pick would be paid.

What a top 3 pick could mean is a legitimate chip to add to a trade of Andrea Bargnani without having to part with another key piece of the roster like a Terrence Ross. If you add a pick in the top 3 to Bargnani maybe you can actually get something decent in return for him. It would have to be crafted in a round about way. In other words after the draft pick is made as the Raptors would still owe their first round pick to OKC if they indeed did win the lottery. The NBA does not allow teams to trade first round picks in consecutive years hence why the Raptors would technically have to make the pick.

We have seen this in the past where a trade is agreed too by the parties and than the Raptors would pick on behalf of the team they are trading with. This happened most recently in the trade with Pacers in which the Raptors selected Roy Hibbert on behalf of the Pacers in the T.J Ford and O’Neal trade.

The real downside for the Raptors hitting in the lottery is the chance of losing a pick in the draft next season. This would happen if the Raptors missed the playoffs and did not land in the top two spots. So it would protect them with a shot at the top spot and Andrew Wiggins if they happened to miss out on the playoffs. Beyond that dream situation it is expected to be a much deeper draft class to have a pick in.

In the end it is a case of wait and see on terms of Colangelo, Casey and the Raptors’ fate in terms of the draft. Once the choice is made on Colangelo and the draft lottery has taken place the Raptors off-season will truly start to take shape.


Predictions for Round Two of the Playoffs

Back from a week off and the NBA Playoffs have moved on to round number 2 so let’s ease on back into working with some predictions for the 4 series.

Miami vs. Chicago

The Heat are well rested and it is almost a miracle Bulls have made it this far. Some wonder if Derrick Rose will make an appearance in this series. I would say why bother as even if he was to come back that is not going to be enough to stop the Heat. Why risk it if your Chicago? The Heat should have little trouble getting rid of Bulls.

Miami in 4

Indiana vs. New York

This series already got underway but I was picking the Pacers regardless. The Knicks not being able to finish off the Celtics fast was a sign of their flaws. Pacers are a good team that has had it’s struggles this season. But at the end of the day they are a talented team and likely the only team that could possibly give Miami any kind of trouble. Just in the sense of winning a game or two. Pacers will be able to get past the Knicks. Patrick Ewing and Reggie Miller will not be walking through that door for either. Although with some of the old guys on the Knicks roster Ewing might fit right in.

Pacers in 6

Memphis vs. OKC

Oklahoma City and their margin for error is far less without Westbrook. Memphis has been a tough team for the Thunder to battle with over the years. It would not be the major upset it would have been a month ago. This series if the Thunder are able to come out on top will be a showcase for Kevin Durant. He will have to will the Thunder along.  I think the road to the finals will be a lot tougher but OKC should be able to get through this round if K.D is on his game. But it will be tough.

OKC in 7

San Antonio vs. Golden State

The experience and style of the Spurs is far different from that of the Warriors. Still they can play other peoples styles and be successful. The Warriors have already advanced beyond where most people thought they would. I expect the Spurs to not mess around with series. They will look to put this series away early and sit back and watch Memphis and Oklahoma City beat the hell out of each other.

San Antonio in 5

So that is about it for me. Will keep things rolling a little this week and talk some Raptors.