News And Notes: B.C's Future, Wiggins to Kansas and Playoffs

It has been awhile but back typing on keys and talking some ball with you all again. The big story of the day is the announcement of Andrew Wiggins going to Kansas. Having had the chance to see him live and in person here in Hamilton there is no question he is worth the hype.

I find it interesting that in an age where the media seems to know everything before it happens. No one seemed to have a good idea on this one. It speaks to Wiggins and the type of young man he seems to be. He is greatly talented but not all that concerned with the hype that surrounds that talent. Most of the media and me had him targeted to go to Florida State. If it wasn’t there it was going be Kentucky. Well it ended up being neither.

The truth is whatever school that gets Andrew Wiggins was the winner. He could go to any school and likely keep his earned place as the number one pick in the 2014 draft. Congratulations to him and good luck as he has the chance of being the best Canadian Basketball player ever. Someone had noted this on twitter, in a place where the game’s Canadian Inventor spent many years at Kansas.

As for the Raptors it seems a strange game of chicken has begun as relates to the future of Bryan Colangelo. MLSE has still yet to make a choice about his future and Colangelo is apparently quite fed-up about it. I have to say regardless of what you think of the job he has done it hard not to agree with him. This is not rocket science here you have basically three options:

  • Pick up the option on his contract
  • Don’t pick up the option
  • Offer Colangelo an Extension

The stalling is keeping Bryan from finding a new position somewhere if the ultimate choice is to let him go. This is not a good way to do business as the end of the day. It is not like MLSE is hurting for cash and needs to force Bryan into quitting.

As for the NBA Playoffs I feel for the OKC Thunder that a year ago at this time looked like the team to battle the Heat for years to come. Now no James Harden and Westbrook lost to injury and they are on the verge of being out of it altogether this year. It sure seems like Miami has a clear path to the title. Really no one even looks as close to as strong as them at this point. I have to say the NBA Playoffs for me have not been exciting. Maybe it is my fault for always looking ahead rather than enjoying the moment in front of me.

Anyway that is about it from me. I will be starting a search for some staff soon. It is going to be vital to find some people to take this thing to where I want it to go.

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