5 Questions That Will Impact Raptors Outlook Beyond Colangelo

As we wait for the Raptors to decide on the future of their G.M let’s take some time to worry about some other concerns this off-season. Here are some questions to ponder beyond the future of Bryan Colangelo.

1. Can Rudy Gay be healthy and put his back issues behind him?

This might be the most vital concern given how much money the Raptors have wrapped up in Rudy Gay. He did to his credit try to play though his injuries last season but Raptors need a player at 100% for all the money they are sending his way.

2. Kyle Lowry in a contract year.

Kyle Lowry really did not match some rather high expectations last season and now he most likely will enter next with no contract extension. What will we get from Lowry in a season where he could be more concerned with his own numbers than the numbers of his team? Even if things go great do we realistically think he will want to remain in Toronto? Drama no matter what it would seem.

3. What do you end up with Bargnani?

The worst case is that he is back and unable to be traded. The best is if you we’re able to trade him without giving up anything else to do it. In the end the Andrea Bargnani fire sale will never get a return that will make you happy. But it is more about minimizing the damage at this point.

4. Jonas and Ross in Year 2.

It is important for both Jonas and Ross to continue to grow and become bigger parts of the rotation. This is especially true in the case of Jonas. Ross on the other hand will have to fight to earn minutes with DeRozan, Gay and likely a healthy Landry Fields all making their own cases for minutes. Jonas on the other hand will be counted on to start and stay on the floor and play major minutes.

5. Playoffs?

Everyone wants or needs this team to make the post-season. That said is it really as easy and some think? Cleveland and Washington should both also be teams looking to make that jump. The Raptors even with the changes they made through out the season struggled to be a .500 team even when you forgive a 4 -19 start. The expectations will be playoffs or else this is definitely the case should Colangelo and Casey both return. If they get off to another slow start expect Tim Leiweke to not be as patient as the MLSE Board was last season.

There are more questions like if this team can actually play defence and other issues but these are 5 big ones that should dominate the conversation over the summer and heading into the season. 

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