Predictions for Round Two of the Playoffs

Back from a week off and the NBA Playoffs have moved on to round number 2 so let’s ease on back into working with some predictions for the 4 series.

Miami vs. Chicago

The Heat are well rested and it is almost a miracle Bulls have made it this far. Some wonder if Derrick Rose will make an appearance in this series. I would say why bother as even if he was to come back that is not going to be enough to stop the Heat. Why risk it if your Chicago? The Heat should have little trouble getting rid of Bulls.

Miami in 4

Indiana vs. New York

This series already got underway but I was picking the Pacers regardless. The Knicks not being able to finish off the Celtics fast was a sign of their flaws. Pacers are a good team that has had it’s struggles this season. But at the end of the day they are a talented team and likely the only team that could possibly give Miami any kind of trouble. Just in the sense of winning a game or two. Pacers will be able to get past the Knicks. Patrick Ewing and Reggie Miller will not be walking through that door for either. Although with some of the old guys on the Knicks roster Ewing might fit right in.

Pacers in 6

Memphis vs. OKC

Oklahoma City and their margin for error is far less without Westbrook. Memphis has been a tough team for the Thunder to battle with over the years. It would not be the major upset it would have been a month ago. This series if the Thunder are able to come out on top will be a showcase for Kevin Durant. He will have to will the Thunder along.  I think the road to the finals will be a lot tougher but OKC should be able to get through this round if K.D is on his game. But it will be tough.

OKC in 7

San Antonio vs. Golden State

The experience and style of the Spurs is far different from that of the Warriors. Still they can play other peoples styles and be successful. The Warriors have already advanced beyond where most people thought they would. I expect the Spurs to not mess around with series. They will look to put this series away early and sit back and watch Memphis and Oklahoma City beat the hell out of each other.

San Antonio in 5

So that is about it for me. Will keep things rolling a little this week and talk some Raptors.

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