This Week In Raptorland: Special Edition

Thought I was going be taking a little time off but the news of Tim Leiweke hiring by MLSE would class as major news. Given that decided to do a podcast on the subject. John Chick fills in for Josh Lewenberg as my co-host. We get into all the talk about Leiweke and the whole impact he will have on the Raptors. Also we discuss the whole rumour that started about Phil Jackson coming to Raptors management. In addition we talk about the NBA Playoffs a little and the breaking news of the day about Jason Collins. He became the first active player in North American sports to come out as gay. He technically is without a contract but was with the Washington Wizards this past season. So all of that in this special edition of the podcast.

Thanks to John for filling in for this special edition of the podcast. In the off-season this is how we will be rolling with the odd special edition of the podcast during the off-season when situations dictates. John has an article on the is topic of Leiweke and what it will mean for the Raptors up now over on CBC.Ca. Thanks to him for taking the time to guest host with me on the podcast. Also give the man a follow on Twitter @Roofthatpeach he is one of the great people I got to know back in my short time at TSN.

Also if you missed my thoughts on the Leiweke hire I did write something last Friday that you can check out. I may take a little time to re-charge my batteries for next week or so. This is a bit of a different off-season given the Raptors lack of a draft pick unless they somehow were to wind up with a top 3 pick in the NBA Lottery.

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