Cheer For Boston

It’s seems pretty silly to write about a basketball game today. The Raptors based on the cancellation of the Celtics and Pacers game will be appearing on TNT. It is due to a horrific and senseless tragedy in Boston yesterday. Under normal circumstances if the Raptors ended up on TNT I would likely have lots of jokes about this. It seems to be far from appropriate for that though.

The Raptors are scheduled to finish the season against Celtics who over the years have been probably on of the more disliked opponents for the Raptors. Sports based grudges seem pretty damn small in the face of the events that took place yesterday in Boston. You never want to see events like this happen in any city in any place.

Assuming this game does go off as planned on Wednesday night it would be nice if something happened. Cheer the Celtics (In the Intros) not because of them, as much as a sign of support and love we have for the city they represent. This is the type of tragedy you never want to see in any city.

I always have said in times like this that sports at the end of the day are just a distraction from life that we all enjoy. It is a competitive form of entertainment. Basketball is important to all of us but it never is bigger than life itself.

All of this makes the moaning of a season that didn’t go the Raptors way seem pretty damn silly and insignificant. As the days go by it won’t be, but for today it is. Pray for the people impacted by this horrible act of violence and pray for a more peaceful world.

That is about all I have for you.

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