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Not just the Raptors are making changes but here at the Dino Nation Blog we have plan for changes and building a team. Last season I had attempted to build a staff and develop a concept of Team DNB. Unfortunately that did not live up to what I had hoped. But it remains the goal. That said the search to find a staff to work for the DNB begins again.

The DNB has become an established brand in Raptors Blogging community and it offers a great platform for the right people to make a name for themselves as part of that brand. We have been around for 5 years and primarily it has been a one man operation with at times adding individuals to the mix.

What we are looking for is people that are creative and skilled and willing to work hard to create great content and an overall great website. Primarily the focus of people we bring in will be handling the writing aspects of the site. We have exciting plans to extend our reach in terms of audio and video.

Basically if you have something you feel you can add to a multi-media environment we would love to talk with you. Anything from website design to graphic design or written, audio or video projects. Help be a part of taking the DNB to the next level as part of Team DNB.

So what we are looking for:

  • People with both solid knowledge and opinions on the Raptors and NBA.
  • Solid work ethic
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Work with in a team environment
  • Ability to be creative and develop ideas and content

What we will provide you:

  • Experience
  • A positive working environment
  • Opportunity to work for an established brand.
  • Chance to grow and  develop your own ideas

Basically the main thing is we need committed dedicated people. This positions will be volunteer basis but should be treated like you would any job. All that is asked is you let us know your availability and when you have work to be done that you finish it with in that time frame. We have a loyal audience that deserves your best and that is what will be expected.

So if you are interested please reach out and contact me at Dinoblogger@Gmail.com

Also we are looking for advertisers for next season. So if you own a business that is looking to attract people within our audience we would love to talk with you.  We offer advertising on all of our platforms from the website to our established and new audio and video properties. You can have packages that include advertising over all platforms or individual ones.

There is no timeline for hiring of staff. We will attempt to attract the best candidates to help us as the main focus. In terms of advertisers we offer rates for the full season from Nov-Jun as well as off-season rates. Prime advertising spots will be on a first come, first serve basis and be done based on giving priority to our established partners.

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