DNB Is On Vacation

It has reached the point in the off-season that everything that is going to happen has happened and it becomes the waiting game for training camp to come. This seems like an excellent time to take a pause for the cause and recharge my batteries.

At the end of the month Canada will start its attempt to qualify for the World Cup (Championship) next summer and will be back in time to follow their journey. I had a wonderful time on the weekend catching up with friends that cover basketball who I don’t see very much in the off-season.

I had the chance for the first time, to meet, in person Mick Kabongo who has been a guest on this blog several times over the years dating back to before his days at Texas. It was so great to finally meet him. Will have some stuff on how he is doing when we are back. In addition to that talked with Cory Joseph on his experience with Team Canada and the influence of Steve Nash.  

Also we haven’t totally forgotten about the Raptors as Jack Armstrong will be stopping by to give his take on the Raptors off-season for the first time with us since the end of the season.

You have all of that and a lot more to look forward too. The DNB will be back in a week or two hopefully fired up and recharged to make a run towards the upcoming Raptors season.

As always thanks for your support and if you do miss me I don’t suspect I will take a two week vacation from Twitter so you can find me there. I may also use this time to firm up some things for the upcoming season so if you have interest in being a part of what we do here at the Dino Nation Blog it would be a good time to get in touch with me about that.

One of our new writers Will has had to take some time away so there could be an opening to add to our staff if someone steps up to the plate.

All of this said we will see you back here August 26th if not sooner. But I need to take a break and relax my brain. If I have learned anything in doing this for over 5 years it is that sometimes I can work to hard and get burned out. When this happens the quality of things suffers and you are not getting my best and that is what you deserve.

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