Starting 5 with Jack Armstrong At The All Star Break

It has become a tradition at the ALL-STAR Break to catch up with our ALL-STAR guest the one and only Jack Armstrong. His thoughts on what has been a rather eventful first half of the Raptors season. The whole Kyle Lowry situation and what the Raptors should do? The emergence of DeMar DeRozan as an ALL-STAR and his continued development. Thoughts on second year players Jonas and Terrence and if they have reversed roles in terms of performance? How about the Raptors giving the line-up a shake up by adding Patrick Patterson to the starting 5? All of these topics are tackled and we get Jack's thoughts on an ALL-STAR Saturday Night that left a lot of people feeling pretty down on the product they saw. What will the Raptors do at the deadline? This is just some of the stuff we tackled it is 45 minutes with one of the best in business giving his honest and unique takes on the Toronto Raptors.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks to Jack for taking some of his free time on the ALL-STAR break with us here in the Dino Nation Blog. He is always a great guest and offers some informed and interesting opinions. I just do my best to come up with some questions that will get the best Jack Armstrong possible for all of you. It is a pretty easy day at the office when I am talking with Jack.

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