Valanciunas Arrested For DUI.

News broke late this afternoon that Jonas Valanciunas was arrested on a charge of DUI. Here is the full story and details from story on News Talk 1010. The Raptors have issues statements on behalf of the team and one from Jonas himself.

TEAM STATEMENT "We were made aware this morning of the incident involving Jonas Valanciunas and are disappointed he has put himself in this situation. We take this matter very seriously as we have the highest expectations for all members of our organization.At this time we are continuing to gather information and we will comment further when appropriate"

JONAS VALANCIUNAS STATEMENT "I hold myself to a high standard and take my role as a member of the Toronto Raptors very seriously. I apologize to the organization, my teammates, my family and my fans, and regret any negativity this incident has brought upon them."

Here at the DNB we reached out to Toronto Criminal Attorney Tina Kaye to walk us through the legal issues involved.

The audio cut out at the end all you missed was the word seriously. One thing we did not touch on is how long this would take to get to court assuming it gets that far. According to Tina Kaye the standard length of time would see an initial court appearance 4-6 weeks from the arrest. If it were to go all the way to trial it would take up to a year. Obviously that court appearance based on this standard time line could occur somewhere in the second round or conference finals.However, I have been told that it most likely would not require Valanciunas to appear only his counsel would be required.

Raptors have been chugging along on basketball court fairly well despite injuries and now this latest distraction or hurdle has been placed in front of the Raptors. More importantly this is an issue with athletes that make millions of dollars that just shouldn't happen in 2014 and still does. It is unacceptable and there really is no excuse.

Thanks to Tina for her explaining the legal issues attached to this matter.  

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