Birth Of Bobcat Nation and Bobcat Blogger....

I took yesterday off and reflected about this. I decided the heck with it. Chris Bosh endorsing Jay Triano was the last straw. I am becoming the Bobcat Blogger. The Dino Blogger is DEAD. So is the Dino Nation Blog. This season has been a joke. I can actually see more Bobcat games than I can Raptor Games. Another TSN 2 classic for all you Raptor Fans out there. Bosh is as good as gone. Jose Calderon is just not someone I like. I will take the future of D.J Augstin over Jose Calderon's any day of the week. The Bobcats have Gerald Wallace they don't have to dream about having him. They also have Raja Bell and Boris Diaw from a very smart trade. I am not sure the name of the Bobcats G.M but hey I will learn. Bryan Colangelo has been a huge disappointment. I am just done with this team. Thanks Raptors it has been a fun ride. Well it really hasn't I endured having my hopes dashed by this team since 1995. So thanks for nothing. I suggest you all do the same and find a new team to get behind because this thing is never going to be right in Toronto.

So I am beating Bosh and getting out of town while I can. Sure it will mean some extra work and building a new audience and all of that. But at least I will have hope again. The Bobcats beat the L.A Lakers when is the last time the Raptors did that? In fact the Bobcats have a winning record in their history vs the Lakers. Kobe is not scoring 81 on them is he?

Wait a second I have an email I need to read. Oh this is big!!! It says today is April 1st and this is April Fool's Edition of the Dino Nation Blog.

That is true about Bosh endorsing Triano that was strange. If Bosh truly thinks he is leaving why would he bother endorsing Triano. Just saying that does not make a lot of sense. I am deeply concerned about this team's future but I will go down with the ship if need be. The Raptors no doubt need a face lift. I do admit that I am pulling for the Bobcats. I don't think I can live with Chuck Swirsky making the playoffs and not me. Bobcat fans could become huge Raptor fans as the Raptors will close out this season against that Bulls. Chuck got to meet Barack Obama that is better than your team making the playoffs.

For the Raptors when you look at the off season Bryan Colangelo has a lot of work to do. Here is the Bryan Colangelo to do list.

1. Determine the Future of CB4
2. Draft an impact player regardless of position
3. Free Agent and Restricted Free Agents to decide about ( Anthony Parker, Shawn Marion, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Joey Graham, Carlos Delfino[Raps Still own his restricted rights in NBA]
4. Who is the coach? Is it really Triano? If it is does the staff survive?
5. Target Free Agents that can have an impact.
6. Make a major trade to find an impact defender.

That is a lot to do and there is likely more than that but hey it will make the summer a lot more interesting for the Raptors. This is the most important off season in the the history of this team. The truth about why there was no blog yesterday? Well my mother is having some minor eye surgery and I needed to do some things for her so she was all set for that. I also had not had a true day off in months so I decided that I deserved one. So if things are a little out of whack for the next few days that is why. March Madness has also had a major impact on the Dino Nation Blog as well. However college basketball is important as this is going to be a huge draft for the Raptors. There are a lot of guys that have major question marks. So we will see. That is all for today. I wonder how many people were buying that first bit? Did I get anyone? Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. LMFAO. You scared me good! I was like, why would the Dino Blogger give up on the Raps? He's been there since 1995!

    I know people might not agree with me, but I want Jay back as well. I want to give him a full training camp. I really think he needs a chance to prove himself. This off season will really determine the direction of the Raptors.

    In my opinion, we are just a few pieces away from being a 50 win team.

    GO RAPS!

  2. I think the future of Andrea Bargnani is the single biggest issue facing the Raptors this offseason.

    They have to decide what type of value he holds to the team and whether he's a long term piece or not. His contract extension will be a huge issue and should be contemplated sooner rather than later.

  3. I am not convinced on Triano or that Raptors are close to anything close to 50 wins. Dang I want some of what you are smoking of drinking. The is Kool Aid to the Max.

    As For Dave. I could be wrong on this but Raptors can not extend Bargnani this off-season and I would not want to given the economy. He is a restricted free agent when his deal ends so the Raptors should be in no rush to get his name on a contract. They can match any offer.

    Oh and GO BOBCATS!!! I actually am loving the Bobcats. So there was a little truth in my April Fool's Joke.

  4. Sorry for the late reply ...

    The Raptors are able to extend Bargnani this summer. But I agree with you, I wouldn't want to see the Raptors do that, albeit for entirely different reasons.

    Bargnani's cap holds are very large in 2010 and will take the Raptors out of the free agent market, assuming the keep Bosh, and will be detrimental to the team's future. So, if Bargnani is a key player in the squad's future, I do think the team is best off signing him this summer. Those cap holds are the reason why the team needs to be proactive in dealing with his next contract.

    But, I would rather Bargnani isn't a key figure in the team's future, so I hope they do not sign him this summer. I'm not pleased with his play and would rather Colangelo explore the trade market.

    I think the Bargnani issue -- primarily his role and future with the team, and secondarily, his next contract -- is the largest issue facing the Raptors this summer.