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Well we are well underway with the NBA Playoffs and things are off to an interesting start. That being said nothing I have seen makes me think we are not still heading to the final destination that we all think we are heading. The Kobe vs Lebron Final is going to be a reality. That does not mean we can not enjoy the ride along the way.

The best series by far has been the Bulls and Celtics. The Celtics are running out of players and Rajon Rondo has been slowed. If Rondo goes down it is all over for the Celtics. He may not be the second best player on the Celtics but he is the second most important. Derrick Rose and the young Bulls have pushed the Celtics to limit. Ray Allen had to make a clutch shot or the Bulls would be heading home up 2-0. Chuck Swirsky, Brack Obama and Benny The Bull would have all been thrilled. Unlike last season the Celtics can not afford to get dragged into a long 7 game series. But that is the direction they seem to be heading. I am not sure of this but what happens to Celtics if they run out of players? It is starting to look that way. Powe is now likely out. Rondo is not 100% and of course K.G is likely done for the season. It has been high drama and I want to say the Celtics will take this series. It is the logical safe thing to say. However this series is not following a logical script.

Beyond that the Orlando Magic need to step up and be counted. In fact the entire state of Florida in the NBA will you please stand up? Miami and Orlando both laid an egg in game 1. The Magic looked to be on the way to the expected game 1 win. Someone forgot to tell the Sixers. While the Heat looked awful as the Hawks are determined to prove that they are no joke. There is lots of talk about how the Magic don't get enough talk and praise. Well if that is true Atlanta is in the witness protection program when it comes to talk. They broke out of it with a performance that was first rate. They took D-Wade and put the M.V.P candidate on ice and dared the rest of the Heat to beat them and they could not. So Florida wake the heck up you are making me look bad. Not that they care about that but for your own self pride get it together for game 2.

Meanwhile The Cavs are putting the final nail in a season for the Pistons that went wrong right from the point Joe Dumars hung up the phone after trading Chancey Billups. Which by the way the Nuggets were impressive in a win over the Hornets. But Lebron and the Cavs are just getting started. They are on a higher mission than the Pistons and it looks very obvious.

So that is the east and a touch of the west. Lakers played with the Jazz like a cat does with a ball or toy mouse. It was fun to watch unless you are a Jazz fan. Kobe took his spots when needed and the Lakers were great and looked to be in control from the start.

Spurs and Mavs was a tail of 2 games. I have live blogged both of these. In game one the Spurs looked like they were going to be fine but the Mavs made a comeback. They would take game 1 and looked like a team that could make an upset happen. Until they played game 2. The Mavs were destroyed by the Spurs and Mason Jr and Bonner who were non factors in game 1 were in game 2. But the story of game 2 was Tony Parker. Jason Kidd can not stop him and no one else on the Mavs could. He was brilliant and had 38.

Blazers and Rocket I admit that I have seen little of it. However it may be a case of the Blazers having to learn from losing in this first round. They may have to much of a task to get by Houston who is under a lot of pressure to escape the first round. If the Blazers bowed out it would be expected and no one would hold it against them.

So that is my little run through the playoffs with my thoughts. Jay Triano is meeting with Bryan Colangelo and you can bet that sooner rather than later he will be announced as the head coach of the Toronto Raptors. I am not on board with this. However I wish Jay the best and hope I am wrong. Seems clear that Colangelo is heading in the direction of hiring Jay and he has been laying the foundation for that for awhile in his media interviews and at his end of the year address yesterday confirmed everything he had said prior to that.

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