DNB Back From Vacation

So is in the NBA Lockout over yet? No....well I am back from vacation at least. I have to be honest over the 2 weeks I took a break a lot of stuff did happened. Dwane Casey has his coaching staff with no team to coach. Jonas Valanciunas has been elected to the hall of fame...wait no he won the World Under 19 basketball Championship. He also got many Raptor fans excited about him based on his play. Under international rules against people in his age bracket he dominated. Bryan Colangelo is searching for a G.M? Wait isn't he the G.M? It seems when the smoke clears on this NBA Lockout he might not be. Raptors don't need players or games to make news this lockout is going be great. Oh and speaking of players on the roster Sonny Weems looks like will be taking his talents to Europe. Deron Williams is the biggest name to make the jump so far. But unlike Williams the contract Sonny is taking apparently doesn't have an out clause and will pay him more than what he earned with Raptors last season. In other NBA News Yao Ming has been forced to retire from his injuries.But at least we will always have the memory of Charles Barkley kissing a donkey's backside thanks to Yao. There was also this classic commercial.

As for Yao being in the Hall of Fame if he is it won't be for his play it will be for other reasons which in my view don't make you a hall of famer. But back to Barkley as he is going to be joined by Shaq who is also now among the retired. TNT announced that Shaq will be part of their line-up when and if we are playing basketball again. Barkley seems very excited about the addition he was actually doing an interview on the NFL Network from a celebrity golf tournament. But in terms of the lockout Chuck like most is very grim about any short end to this. The NFL is poised to save the day and the season by finally ended it's lockout it would appear. If people think you will see a similar scene in the NBA with Billy Hunter and David Stern I would suggest you don't hold your breath.

I find this whole situation pretty depressing. I have kind of went through stages of grief to some degree. But whatever emotions we all have had at the end of it is a business. Sports use to be a distraction and a diversion from life. Now all to often it is a reflection of real life.

In terms of the Dino Nation Blog for the remainder of the lockout barring some news of note we will be coming to you every Tuesday and Thursday. I really can't think it is possible to do anything of quality for 5 days a week with very little actual news to go with. So for the remainder of this work stoppage I will be doing blogs on Tuesday and Thursday. We might keep Ryan's DNB Top 10 alive as well after I talk with him and see if he wants to keep it alive during the lockout will let you know.

It is very hard to not take this personally as a fan of the game and also as someone that tries to eek out a living based on the game. But all that being said for me personally I understand why this is taking place and on Thursday will give you my personal take on the lockout. So come back for that. During these tough times for the NBA I urge you not just to support this blog but all blogs. We were not getting rich prior to the NBA Lockout and I fear for a lot of folks the NBA Lockout may see a lot of talented folks have to find something else to do. But in terms of myself I worked far to hard to build the DNB to let it just die. So I am committed to making this work some how, some way.

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