DNB Lockout Journal- Dealing With Lockout

For almost 4 years this blog has dominated my life. I worked very hard to get it to points that I never thought possible. Getting the chance to interview so many people and players along the way. I have loved every minute of it for the most part. This in addition to getting to know many of you out there that read this blog on a regular basis. Even a few that I now consider friends. Heading into this lockout I was not sure how I would handle it. After all the amount of time I invested in this blog took up a big part of my life.

As things have turned out I honestly have enjoyed the break. Now as most people know the off-season of the NBA has never been a particular favourite part of mine in terms of doing this. While some people love the rumours and speculation that the off-season brings I never have. So much of the stuff that comes out turns out to be nothing more than rumour. But for a lot of folks they love that type of stuff. So they likely miss it a lot. Still when you look at the state of affairs in terms of the lockout you are seeing a lot of the same legal mess that was part of the NFL Lockout. It makes it seems clear that this thing has a long way to go. I am glad David Stern isn't going to take a paycheck during the lockout. However maybe he should take a paycheck and offer it to the many many people that won't have jobs as a result of this lockout. A lot of people making far less than David Stern count on the NBA to make their living.

But the one thing that has been good about all of this is it has allowed me more time to relax and spend time with my mother. I had two experiences this week that had nothing to do with this blog or basketball. I found out someone who was a friend of mine in college died over the weekend in a tragic accident. It makes you think when anyone dies that you know. Really at the end of it all life is what is most important. It sure as heck is not about who wins a messy labour war. It even isn't about if we will be able to enjoy basketball games in fall no matter how much we may love them. In the end life is about people. That is what counts.

The other was I discover an old friend of mine was following me on Twitter. I am sure you have all noticed that I have not been that active on there since the lockout began. The truth is Twitter was a big part of work for me and with less work to do it has caused me to use twitter less. Which might not be that bad a thing. Sometimes I worry about this world with everyone addicted to gadgets and what not. I have become guilty of it too. Every once in awhile it doesn't hurt to put down the Blackberry or Iphone and just experience life without reporting it back to the world. I some how managed to have a life without a Blackberry and did have one before Twitter and Facebook too. They are great things don't get me wrong but they are not the be all and end all either.

So if you find you have more time on your hands during this lockout. Here is an idea. Call an old friend (Yes Call that thing you did before texting) see how they are doing. Spend some time you would invest in basketball with your family. Go share your love of basketball with some kids and teach them how to shoot and pass a ball. These things will provide you more joy than anything the NBA can provide you.

Yes when this all is over we may all go back to being crazy for the sport. But hopefully we all are a little less crazy and take the time to remember that as much as we may love the sport of basketball there is more things to life and no NBA Season, player or team is bigger than that. At the end of the day it has been said many times that sports are just a distraction from life. Which is true. So when the NBA is back don't let the magical distraction that it is take over. Enjoy life because none of us know how long or short a time we have to do so.

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