DNB Top 10- Things I Have Learned During Lockout

Hello all back again...NBA Lockout is still going on with no signs of stopping anytime soon. So today I thought I would share some things I have learned from the experience. Some are funny some are true. So with that drum roll please. What no drum roll? We can't afford to pay for that these are tough times.

#10- NFL Network is much better at filler than NBATV Canada. I mean if a network can make the NFL Combine into a show really a lockout is a peace of cake.

#9- I forgot how much I truly love the CFL. Have had chance to watch much more than I normally would. To all my friends in Toronto this probably does not apply if you have been watching the Argos.

#8- In every Labour dispute as in any divorce there is really only one winner....Lawyers.

#7- I really don't have to be on Twitter 24 hours a day or even an hour a day. Life still goes on surprisingly

#6- People will go to any lengths to try to create content. I mean some of the things I have seen during this lockout are just a joke. But people are trying to keep working and keep their audiences entertained and engaged. But let's face it with no actual league to cover that is challenging.

#5- Lockout or not Raptor fans never change. Jonas Valanciunas may be inducted into the hall of fame before he ever plays an NBA Game. While Andrea Bargnani would be lucky if they let him in the door.

#4- Just how awful the WWE has become. I mean seriously. I am the Dinoblogger and I am more Awesome than anything I see on their programming. I once almost applied for a job writing for WWE. That was till I got to the line about having 5 years of soap opera writing experience.

#3- How much the game of basketball has brought so many great people into my life and how without it you don't end up seeing them as much.

#2- That Lebron James truly has no clue. Lebron thinks this is all going to get solved by November. I will bet him his Championship Ring...oh wait. Well at least if there is no season Lebron only has to win 4 Championships now in Miami.

#1- Life happens with the NBA or without it. The more people start to realize this the worse it will be for the NBA.

So that is my list I am sure you all have you own. So leave some comments if you like with yours. Or just say hello because at the rate this lockout is going we all might need name tags if we wait for basketball to be back. Hello my name is James Borbath in case you forgot. Take care folks and see you next Tuesday unless a miracle happens and the NBA Lockout ends before than. Not holding my breath for that.

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