Raptors Sign A Psycho Pacer

So the Raptors decided to make my return to work a busy day. Third blog of the day but who is counting right. This news is breaking that the Raptors have come to terms with Tyler Hansbrough.

Well the first thing you can say is he is the exact opposite of Andrea Bargnani who officially will be gone to New York when the clock hits midnight. Aside from that he is a nutcase on many levels. He is a nasty dirty player that finds a way to make everyone hate him.

I only ever had one chance to converse with Hansbrough and it was to say the least a less than thrilling experience. He is not exactly mr personality and that is likely being kind.  Some will say he is the sand paper this team might need. I would argue that if you are looking for Charles Oakley in this guy it isn't there.

Oakley for all his toughness and walking a fine line with rules he was also at his core a very intelligent player. So much so that his former coach in New York Jeff Van Gundy has referred to him as the smartest player he ever coached. I don't think anyone is going say that about Hansbrough.

He causes more problems than he solves at the end of the day. If Oakley started something he sure as heck finished it. Hansbrough played for a Pacer team that some feel is model for what the Raptors are trying to build here. That may be true but Hansbrough is not the model citizen to make that vision happen. 

Raptors will not be able to confirm or deny this signing until the new NBA year starts tonight at midnight along with confirmation of the Andrea Bargnani trade with the Knicks.

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