Tyler Hansbrough and the ever silent Masai Ujiri decide to collaborate

First Raptor fans were treated to the trading of Andrea Bargnani, then for the most part, all went silent…like really really silent. In fact the silence was so deafening in an otherwise mad house offseason that fans have gone from joyful speculation, to panic mode. 
The British Navy used to have a slogan during WWII ‘Loose lips sink ships!’ in reference to seaman on leave drinking and revealing more information to potential enemy spies that could lead to devastating consequences. Hey Raptor fans, does this sound familiar? It’s effectively what happened during the Bryan Colangelo era. A potential trade, or trade scenario would be floating out there on the web, or on twitter, and if anyone inside the organization gave these rumours and speculations any attention, then they gained immense traction amongst the Raptor devout. Clearly Masai Ujiri is well aware of this, the only problem is that the fans are used to this…and it’s a great thing. I for one couldn’t be happier to have no idea what the plan is, who we’re really targeting, or the nonsense speculation that runs all too rampant during the summer months. I'll take quiet credibility all day. Personally I’m exhausted by the Dwightmare, despite it not even involving the Toronto Raptors.
The reality is Ujiri has a lot on his plate, rumours and conjecture isn’t something that traditionally helps an organization develop its upcoming season plan, or long term plan either. That being said we’re starting to see a plan unfold incrementally, we have picks again (thank the powers that be), we have a very legitimate 3 point shooter (Novak), and as of last night we have a psycho (Hansbrough). 
Raptor fan forums are running a muck already when it comes to Tyler Hansbrough, some love him, some don’t just dislike him, they’re blood is boiling with hate rage. However, in all this ire and agitation one thing is consistent, everyone believes he is a frustrating presence inside the paint from a defensive standpoint, and that he is a true hard worker. I ask, what’s not to like about that? Someone mentioned fake Oakley…people, let’s be really clear…NO ONE IS OAKLEY, NO ONE OTHER THAN OAK WILL EVER BE EITHER. Ok, glad that’s out of the way. 

So for the Raptor fans that are left pining for that big signing, don’t hold your breath, it might not come this season. For those fans that tend to be a little more grounded and see that Ujiri is attempting to build a team Casey wants (not the armchair coaches like myself) with the resources he can without crippling future plans or cap, then this has been one of the most exciting offseasons yet. 
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