In Time For Holidays The DNB Is Back

Just in time for Christmas the DNB is back. I feel an explanation is in order for the DNB being missing in action for the last little while. I guess the simplest explanation is I was feeling a combination of burnout and having issues in my life. I touched on the struggle it has been this season in talking about our anniversary earlier in November. The Raptors season has not exactly been all that inspiring to break me out of this funk that I have been in this year. I have in the past been referenced by others as one of the hardest working and doing this. Clearly that title is not something I have earned of late. But I always have treated the Dino Nation Blog like a job and that is how I earned that reputation in first place. The reality of life might make doing that moving forward harder to do. What I have come to realize though is that people still value my thoughts and I think that even if it is not as consistent as it has been in the past people enjoy it. I guess will see how it goes and if I am right or wrong.

I still have been watching the Raptors and sharing my thoughts and opinions on Twitter so it is not like I have taken a vacation from the Raptors during this time. As far as the Raptors go I have found it to be so typical of the things we have seen in the past. Losing to the Bobcats on Wednesday in overtime was almost the explanation point to that thought process.

You will notice something new on the site as there is an Amazon banner at the top of the site. If you shop with Amazon if you could click on that banner and doing you’re shopping as you normally would Amazon as part of their affiliate program will kick a percentage of your purchases to the DNB. It will have zero impact on your price for your items you are purchasing. It would be a great way to help out and support the DNB.
I figure if ex-professional wrestlers that are in far better financial positions than I am can do this, why not me.

I have always had a difficult time in the business aspects of doing this with the hard financial times that so many are going through in recent years. In this case though, all that your being asked is if you are planning to make purchases Amazon to take the extra minute to connect to Amazon through our site.

Hopefully this is something that can be successful and help develop some revenue for DNB and a way you can support myself and my work.

Now on to what is going on with the Raptors as they lick their wounds going on a road trip that for even the most optimistic Raptor fan seems destined to be 0-3. Stops in Dallas, Oklahoma City and San Antonio do not offer much hope.

In all honesty the Raptors need to focus on a direction to head at this point. It seems far more likely the Raptors look to do more to take this team apart than make a push for the playoffs. Kyle Lowry is likely the key part in this whole equation. I would say regardless of how the Raptors are doing record wise you almost have to trade him by the deadline. If you don’t it is just repeating the mistakes of the past by letting a player with talent walk away for nothing.

In addition to that it allows you to get an even better evaluation of Grievous Vasquez who you do control going into the off-season. He will be an RFA and the Raptors could walk away from his rights or keep them and can match any offer he is given as a restricted free agent.

So I am back on the horse so to speak. Again I truly apologize for my being MIA and hope you can understand and will continue to support the DNB. If you are upset hopefully I can earn back your support and respect.

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