This Week In Raptorland: Rudy Gay Trade Edition

I want to start off with saying my apologies on the inconsistencies with the podcast this year. This falls on me as I have been having a bunch of things on my plate and the DNB has suffered a little bit from that. In any case with the big news of the Rudy Gay trade seemed as good a time as any as to get this thing back on the rails. Myself and John Chick look at all the angles of this trade and where it is leading us. Lots to talk about and I even manage to get in an old school wrestling analogy as part of it.

So that sums things up as best we can at this point. As mentioned none of the players part of the trade are expected to be in the line-up as the Raptors return home to face the Spurs. So will see how the short handed Raptors make out with one of the best in the West in the Spurs.

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