10 Things B.C Will Not Say At His Press Conference Today

I will have some thoughts on the Playoffs after game 1 of every series was played this weekend. But today Bryan Colangelo is going to address the media. I am not sure what he will have to say. However here are 10 things you can be certain you will not hear. So can we have a drum roll please?

(Drum Roll)

#10- I have decide to start a Twitter account The_Real_BC and tweet all summer about all my off-season work so fans can be in the loop.

#9- All 82 Raptors Games next season will be on TSN 2.

#8- I admit that I was wrong and am proud to announce that I have re-hired Sam Mitchell to coach the Raptors in 09/10 season

#7- Brian Burke thinks he is cool saying he will get the number 1 pick? I can top that. I am announcing today that it is my intention to bring Lebron James to Toronto in 2010.

#6- Chris Bosh has asked me to be in his latest YouTube Video.

#5- That Dino Blogger guy is right. Steve Nash is coming to Toronto. How the hell did he know that?

#4- Jose Calderon was a big mistake. If I had it to do over again I would have traded him and kept T.J Ford.

#3- Joey Graham will be signed to a long term contract this off-season

#2- I am not going to the NBA Draft Lottery out of shame. In my place I am sending The Raptor Mascot.

#1- Chris Bosh I promise that I won't screw up again just please comeback. I will even trade Andrea if you don't like him whatever it takes.

So that is just 10 things you will not here today. It is a fun game and you are free to play along in the comments. Just remember please no swearing because the Dino Nation Blog believes the children are the future and we do not want to be blamed for teaching them foul language. That is what shows like South Park are for. Some thoughts on the Playoffs and What B.C actually says later today or tomorrow.



    1. Bosh
    2. Andrea
    3. Pops
    4. Marion
    5. Calderon

    now that is a sick lineup, can't go wrong with that.

  2. That is a sick line-up as in having no shooting guard and I am not sure if this was meant to be funny but Bosh (1)-PG and Calderon (5)-C Andrea (2)-SG. All of that is funny even if it was not intentional.

    Thanks for the comments Jeff.

  3. How'd you perform in your various NBA pools, James? I somehow managed to come out on top on the NBA Stock Market game in the two leagues I was a part of. Being involved in pools certainly made me interested in teams (and players) outside of the Raptors.

  4. To be honest my work load with doing the Blog and my stuff for The Score as well as caring for my mother it made my fantasy stuff this year suffer. I really was unable to manage any on my teams well. So it was a bad fantasy year that was self inflicted. But that is a great thing about playing fantasy it makes you more aware of the rest of the league.

    I am glad you enjoyed and congrats. I think next season I will try to have less leagues and make the effort to try harder to work on them. Perhaps we can set up some prizes or something for next year.

  5. Hey Chi of Steel, congrats on your 2 wins. I tried to catchup and you held your own very nicely. Looking forward to future battles!

    Chaid (The CT Store)