Friday Freelancer

I don't really have a lot to say today. It happens every now and again. Lots of little things to consider. So here is a list of what is rambling around in my brain. So with that off we go.

1. Rajon Rondo is the second best player in Boston. Bulls and Celtics series is showing you why.

2. I am a closet Blue Jay Fan again how did that happen? Oh yeah the Jays are winning.

3. Thanks to EA Sports for giving me something to do with my free time for the last 20 years or so.

4. I will miss John Madden. Great announcer and is part of many of my NFL memories.

5. Go Curry Go. Not sure if he fits with Raps but he is in the draft and I was huge fan of his dad Dell

6. What is wrong with the Hornets you are making me look bad come on CP3!!!

7. I have a new nickname...Mr Blowout. In my live blogging with The Score I am getting blow outs. Hawks and Heat on Saturday someone is winning BIG!!!

8. NFL Draft is Saturday...I watch it not sure why but I do.

9. Wonder If I am only person in Canada that has not watched a single NHL Playoff game.

10. CBS had a story about Joe Dumars having a restraining order on head coach Michael Curry. I guess safe to say he is getting fired?

11. K.G is not a guy I like but the Celtics without him show you who was the biggest factor in winning them a title.

12. Lots of guys getting in the NBA Draft it is going to be interesting. Rubio is in but it is going to cost him a ton of cash if he wants to play next season. Some people mention him if Raptors get a lotto pick. I am not thinking Mr.Calderon would be thrilled with that. I just don't think they like each other that much.

13. Western kid in NFL draft. over 300 bounds and runs a 4.89 in the 40 that is insane.

14. I just don't get the appeal of soccer. I mean Toronto FC won 1-0 how can that be exciting and how can you take a sport serious with a team name like that team they beat? Civas? I am not sure if I spelled that right and do not care if I did.

15. Belated happy birthday wishes to Scott Carefoot of Raptor Blog fame. Not sure how old he is and don't want to know cause he is likely younger than me.

16. Shout out to Basketball Jones guys. Tas is one of the live bloggers on The Score with me and I enjoy checking out his stuff.

17. Ron Artest on the Raptors? It might be interesting. I would like to see it.

18. Return of Rasho....Like to see that as well

19. Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are fun to watch and forget who is better it is a joy to watch both.

20. The time for MLSE to take advantage of being rich is now. Will they take advantage of it? History suggests no but hopefully I am wrong.

That is it. If you have things on your mind let's hear them or if you have a comment on any of my things here feel free to chime in as well. I love to hear from you folks. Leave a name if you leave a comment. It does not even have to be your own. But I would prefer it. Have a great weekend and I think so will yours truly so I will likely just do one weekend edition of the blog for the off season. Unless there is reason to do more like breaking news. But not much of that right now. Enjoy the nice weather if you are in Southern Ontario. If you are elsewhere hope you have nice weather to enjoy the weekend as well.


  1. Some pretty lazy research by the Fan 590 before reporting on the Pistons story. It was actually a fake article written by a CBS Sportsline Fantasy sports player:


  2. It did make little sense. But fact is Curry is going to get fired I think you can bank on that. Could you imagine if it was true that would be the most strange story in sports I can think of.