DNB Annivsary Top 10

Ok so I haven't really done much in the last few months. I have worked on my 2k12 skills and WWE 12 skills. Dinoblogger 11 has never logged so much time on X-Box live. Not only is the NBA Back but today marks 4 years in the books for us at the Dino Nation Blog. I just had a birthday and my memory sucks not because I am old just because it does. But in 4 years I should have 10 things to say about the Dino Nation Blog? Highlights, Lowlights and everything in between. So here we go.

#10- The DNB was and still is the best idea I have had after 2 am in my life.

#9- The DNB will never win awards for it's skillful writing. But that being said we never claimed to know about English just about basketball. I strive to write things that are entertaining and interesting for everyone even if I break some rules of grammar from time to time.

#8- I keep my dreams alive through this blog. I never could have imagined how many of them would come through from doing this for 4 years. I am always humbled by all that this blog has accomplished.

#7- The Raptors have got progressively worse since the Dino Nation Blog was created. We are not responsible for that please direct all your blame for that to the good folks at MLSE. I never wanted to Trade T.J Ford...They Did. I never wanted to sign Hedo they did. I knew Rob Babcock was an idiot...they didn't. I liked Roy Hibbert they didn't. This could go on and on and on.

#6- I am a guy that belongs on the Radio or T.V that happens to try to write everyday.

#5- This has become more than just something I do and in effect my job. It has become a family to me and all of you that take the time to come here on a regular basis I thank you.

#4- It started with Training Camp in Ottawa and it has grown from there. Covering the Raptors and the NBA is truly a privilege. I am very proud that I am deemed worthy to get a media pass to cover this team.

#3- I am thankful to every player that has taken the time to talk to me. It started with T.J Ford and has grown to guys like Demar DeRozan, Sonny Weems, Amir Johnson, Reggie Evans and countless others. While I was not on the side of players in this labour situation it was just about the Raptors having a chance to be better. I have nothing but good things to say about almost every player I have ever had a chance to talk with.

#2- Eric Smith, Paul Jones, Jack Armstrong and Matt Devlin along with countless other folks in the media who take the time to talk with me for this blog. Long before this blog had any kind of credibility they came and gave there time and answered whatever questions I had for them. I am happy that some of these people I can consider not just people I work with but people who I consider friends on some level. All there contributions have made this blog better.

#1- This lockout has given me a lot of time to reflect on how much this blog became a part of my life. The countless people mentioned in this and the tons more I could have mentioned. It has been a gift that I gave myself and through hard work and effort I hope it will live on for many years to come.

I can not tell you how much I missed this. But I also admit that I really needed a break from it and the lockout did provide that. I could have tried to muddle along during that Lockout but if I am not given you something that I believe is worth your time, I am just not comfortable doing it. So barring a complete disaster it appears we are back in business.

To all of the many people this blog has brought into my life be it in person or through my computer screen I am very happy to have you in it. The Dino Nation Blog was built as a last shot to hang on to my dreams and I am still hanging on. Also it goes without saying how much I thank my mother for putting up with all the craziness this blog has created for her life and me looking after her. She has always been supportive in all that I am doing. For that I am lucky and fortunate.

I am happy basketball is back but in a way I am sad and disappointed that is took this long to come to an agreement in a society and world with far greater problems than that. I will never believe a NBA Cares Ad again because at the end of the day they don't. I do and hopefully always will.

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  1. Welcome back and Congrats my Brother from another mother! - Lenito