DNB Top 10- NBA Legends Edition

So we sit and wait for all the legal stuff to get done and training camps to open. So what to do for the DNB Top 10? Well we have seen a lot of old basketball games over the NBA Lockout so how about my all time favourite NBA Legends? Sure why not.

10. Walt Frazier- He was before my time as player. But I have seen some of the old footage and he was one of the guys from back in the day that I think could fit in today's NBA with his style on and off the floor.

9. Dominique Wilkins- The Human Highlight Reel and he was. The guy was just a fantastic dunker and was robbed of a Slam Dunk Championship twice. Once by Jordan and once by Spud Webb. Just an amazing talent that never really was able to see any true team success.

8. Jerry West- The Logo. He was one heck of a player and if not for a guy named Bill Russell would have many more rings as a player. He in modern times is one of the best NBA Executives of all time. He also is the logo of the entire league that is hard to top.

7. Kareem Abdul Jabbar- He was a long time force in the NBA and dominated in college. His record for all time scoring leader may never be touched. His Sky Hook was almost unstoppable. He sadly a lot of times comes off as bitter these days but in his day he was great.

6. Shaq- He is retired now so he can be on this list. The early days of Shaq in Orlando was something special. He was the dominating force that a Dwight Howard was years later. Through his entire career he always brought a dose of fun to the game.

5. Jordan- Sure he probably should be higher but for me I respect all that Jordan did but this is my list so he doesn't have to be #1. It is not like the guys ahead of him will suck. Maybe I am bitter that he screwed the Raptors in that trade. As a player everyone knows what he did. I enjoyed his journey to getting to winning Championships far more than once he started winning them.

4. Larry Bird- Guy was just amazing. He never looked like a guy that could beat you down in basketball but he was the most deadly and clutch shooter in the NBA for years. When you think of the Celtics for people of a certain age it is Larry Bird that you think of. The 80's were all about him and the next guy on this list.

3. Magic Johnson- Showtime was all about Magic Johnson. It was amazing to watch some of things he would do and he made it seem so routine. Even when he came back to the NBA after retiring after finding out he had the HIV virus he played in an All-Star Game and won the MVP and you never doubted he would for a second. People rave about the point guards of today but none of them could hold a candle to Magic.

2. Julius Erving- Dr. J was just amazing. I got the tail end of his career. His dunk in the NBA Finals vs the Lakers is truly the best move I have ever seen in basketball. It really was amazing. I was a Sixers fan when I first started watching basketball. In part because that was name of my team in house league but more about watch Dr.J do amazing things in the air.

1. Bill Russell- Many will say Jordan is the greatest of all time. I will say they are wrong and say it was this guy. What Bill Russell did was just insane. He was a player coach for one of his championships. No one will ever match what his Celtics did and for Lebron James of the world that think it is easy to win a championship it isn't but maybe Bill Russell would make you think it was. He to me is the greatest ambassador of the sport of basketball. The finals MVP trophy is named after this man and it is well deserved.

Everyone has there own list for this one. There is no right or wrong answers only great NBA Legends in every list. It makes you seem like an old guy when you say it but today's NBA is not what it use to be. It is still a great game but the players from back in the day were truly amazing and hard to beat. I will take the 10 on my list and it could crush any team you care to make from today's players.

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