Matt Barnes Heads North.

Not sure if Toronto was option 1, but they end up being the landing spot for Matt Barnes. It was said that he was close to signing with Cavs, only to 24 hours later he set to sign with Raptors. Depending on who you believe Barnes is getting 4.5 to 5 million dollars for just 2 years. Barnes is a guy liked by many for his tough no non-sense approach and hard nosed style of play. But is that worth this much? It is also, when you include the Raptors signing of Linas Klezia, pretty much places the Raptors at the tax threshold. Still excited?

It also makes a Jose Calderon trade a little more complicated to pull off with little wiggle room. While the Raptors do have trade exceptions to use that does not make them exempt from the tax man. Also Matt Barnes is not a center last I checked and the Raptors are really without a true center. If Bargnani is to move to the 4 spot as many expect the Raptors need to find a center or two.

It is not that I am against over spending for players. I am just not a fan of doing it on role players. Which as excited as you may be about Matt Barnes, that is what he is. He like Tyson Chandler did bid farewell to his fans on Twitter. The good news is Micheal Jordan can't screw this one up.

What I find more interesting, seeing as I don't see Barnes as the difference between this team and it's ultimate fate, is when his deal ends. That would be 2012. The same year that Barbosa has his deal expire and it was also the same year that Diaw and his deal would have expired. So what is so special about 2012? Well for one a new CBA will be firmly in place. It will also be a pretty excellent free agent class with all due respect to the 2010 class. Don't believe me? Have a look.

When you consider the CBA may have much tougher rules and bite to it. The Raptor is would appear are positioning to be a big player in this class. The list of name includes a lot of interesting names for sure. Including Steve Nash. Who knows if he will still be defying age at that time. But seems B.C has a plan to make the Raptors a huge player in 2012. Matt Barnes may end up being a fan favourite and help the Raptors be a better team in the short term. However the real story is not about today it is about tomorrow. Raptors still have a lot to do in the short term to convince me they are a playoff team.

Now we do know Barnes is coming but is he coming alone? There are rumours floating around that this may be more complex. I know you are having Charlotte De Ja Vu. So am I, but at least Otis Smith is not M.J. But here is what is being said. The Raptors would trade Calderon, the Miami 1st from the Bosh deal and in return take back Barnes and Gortat. There is that missing center I mentioned. The Raptors would use the TPE to make this all work out. May only have to be the smaller one they got in the Hedo Trade. Not a math wiz but think that is right. Welcome aboard the Merry-Go-Round again. The dust is suppose to settle tomorrow. Better deal but is it real? No way to tell at moment and there is also the issue Raps have yet to officially announce this signing and also the Klezia signing for that matter. What does that play in all of this? No idea.


  1. I really hope that Gortat rumor is just a rumor. I realize the Raps need a center and have not had a true center since Zan Tabak (kidding) how about getting a center from Portland, either Pryzbilla, or Oden. 1592

  2. If anything Colangelo makes the off seasons exciting. What are they waiting for, give him an extension already. If they fire him, he won't sit on his #%€ for over two years collecting a paycheck like SAM MITCHELL.

  3. Disagree on Gortat I will take him over both your options. Sam applied for other jobs in his time since being fired. Based on the move B.C is making he is not acting like a lame duck G.M. Setting team up nicely for 2012. Do I extend him? Not till I see his full work this off-season. You have let it go this far so why stop it now. If you were going to extend B.C should have done it earlier. But now really what is point in middle of off-season?

  4. ...another deal that is falling down the drain!