Matt Devlin In The Starting 5

Had a chance to chat with Matt Devlin today. We get in to the whole Big 3 in Miami. Matt's thoughts on all of that including how the Heat will do on the floor. Take a look back on the Raptors perfect run at summer league. Thoughts on Demar, Sonny and their performance. In addition to talking about the rookies Davis and Alabi. Also if anyone else might fit like say Bobby Brown? We talk about where the Raptors go in the post Bosh era. Is it a good thing that the fans have adopted the Young Guns as the new faces of the franchise? For both them and for Andrea Bargnani. What will be the role of Leandro Barbosa? What becomes of almost traded Jose and Reggie? Lots of question and lots of answers mixed in with a little bit of fun that we always have with Matt.

Just after this conversation with Matt, the Raptors made an announcement that they have hired David Amber to work on Raptors T.V. Amber was actually at TSN when I was there, and he would move on to ESPN. He now replaces Adnan Virk who after 1 season with MLSE took a job offer to go to ESPN. So in a sense the Raptors and ESPN have made a trade. Will see how it works out for Raptors T.V moving forward. Amber is also going to be contributing web content as well on Raptors.com as Adnan Virk had done. Amber is a grad of both McGill and Syracuse and seems excited to be back working at home in Toronto.

Matt Devlin also remains with the Raps as he declared in our interview and it is always great talking with him. I appreciate the relationship we have built since his coming here to the franchise. He has always been willing to come on and talk with us at the Dino Nation Blog and I thank him for that as always.


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