Update- Dead Bobcat.

Well which do you want first? Good news? Hedo is still gone and that deal will be finalized today for Barbosa. Bad news the Bobcats part of the deal is dead. The whole deal is dead. Not just the Tyson Chandler part. The Toronto Star's Doug Smith is reporting that this deal has died. This is all despite Chandler and Evans public acknowledgments that they were heading to each others cities.How the Raptors could bring back Calderon now seems unlikely. They have clearly tipped their hand on who they have chosen. But it is not impossible, as Alvin Williams was once traded to Boston and that traded was pulled back for a failed medical. This is a different case. In any case for fans that were happy to have Jose gone....not so fast. Still it looks like Hedo is off to the Suns. He will not be missed. If you expected anyone to get cold feet, the Suns would have been my bet.

So THANKS M.J....Still bitter about losing to an expansion team? I wonder how bitter Washington fans are about your playing days there or drafting Kwame Brown. Same as Bobcats fans are about Adam Morrison?

According to Michael Grange it is actually Larry Brown that was the killer of the deal not wanting to part with Chandler. But that is just a matter of blame. Safe to say the Bobcats get booed in Toronto now? Maybe.

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