Miami Wins....NBA Loses.

Many said it was not possible but the final nail was driven through the heart of Cleveland. LBJ, D-Wade and Bosh will all play for the Miami Heat. It would appear the Raptors may have got nothing for Bosh and Cleveland definitely got nothing for James. While South Beach parties the rest of the NBA is not or shouldn't be. Forget about if this team can or will win a title. There is all summer to talk about that. What this free agent period of 2010 will do is create the Lockout 2011. This all coming together was in the face of what the CBA is designed to do. Make no mistake beyond Cleveland and Toronto who are the clear big losers in this, other struggling NBA franchises will not be happy about this as well. If it can happen to Toronto and Cleveland it can happen to them.

This is a dark day for the NBA even thought it may not seem like it now. Part of me is sickened by what we have watched happen here. On the other hand I can't help but be impressed by what these 3 guys have been able to pull off aided by Pat Riley. Least Riley's massive ego did not, at least for now, bring him back behind the bench. Lebron James 23's were being lit a flame in Cleveland but this wildfire may burn down the entire game, as already tense CBA talks have just become even more intense based on this. These guys have a tremendous chance to win a ring and then they may shut the game down quite literally.

This is a happy night for Heat Fans and Miami...but realize it now or not, this is a terrible night for the NBA. Wonder if ESPN will be as excited for the lockout, as the 2 years of hype they have invested in this 2010 Free Agency. It was only right that this side show ended where it started. ESPN in 2 years got the destinations of Bosh, James and Wade wrong how many times? I don't have time to count that high.

Good Night and Good Luck fans of basketball we will all need it.

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