Not much to Report...Till 9pm

Raptors wise the Free Agency kick off has been a dud. Bosh met with some teams the surprise on the list Houston. But if you listen to his tweets, Miami sure seems the front runner. He praised how much Pat Riley wants to win. So does that mean B.C didn't? ESPN did report the Raptors have offered a max contract. Joe Johnson can show you one of those as the Hawks resigned him.

In my view, disturbing news, as Hedo Turkoglu seems to be trying to say "my bad" and move on. Colangleo also said in his fan interview about time can heal wounds. It is looking more like Hedo could in fact return to the Raptors. I am not sure if this is something the fans will accept. I also am not sure if they should. If Hedo does return I am not sure how many fans will be in the mood to forgive and forget.

Our fantasy world of B-Ball gets kicked off tonight. For the second season of our Mock GM league with the same Rosters where we left off. So keep that in mind when you are selecting a team. July 1 9pm the season will begin here. Lots of teams still available but don't wait and miss out.

With that all being said, HAPPY CANADA DAY to all our Canadian Readers!!!

UPDATE 9pm- OR NOT........

Yahoo is reporting that Amir Johnson will remain a Raptor. He even tweeted it himself. But he did not tweet his deal which Marc Spears reported is 34 million dollars for 5 year which is a deal when you compare to the terrible deal Drew Gooden was given. More on this tomorrow.

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