The Former CB4 Hits Toronto Airwaves

So in a case of to little and to late for many, Chris Bosh decided to take 15 minutes to do interview in Toronto. He appeared on the Fan 590 and for a guy that is normally sharp as can be with interviews, he was stuttering and searching for words. Still thoughtful and mindful, but a bit scattered is the best way to describe it. But if you are searching for the sound byte of the interview it is this.

Chris Bosh " I would not change a thing in how I handled things"

That was in response to how he handled free agency. Which would include the fact of not talking to the Toronto media until he is taking his pre-mature victory lap. It would include by all accounts having little to no contact with the Raptors according to most reports. He claims that he had not made his choice till the very end. Which flies in the face of his own words in which he said the 3 had talked for months about this. Some say that it even dates back to the Olympics. Bosh claims to still love Toronto. That is right out of the Vince Carter playbook. However to be fair, I do believe Chris more than I do Vince. There was a general lack of responsibility on his part for what went on for 7 years on his part.

In the end CB4 is now dead. I liked that guy, and he was someone that gave all he had to the Raptors. Chris Bosh the person handled his departure from Toronto awful and it is a shame. He does not feel the least bit guilty about it. Bosh says he knows that people are going to be upset and that he had to step on some toes. He also knows that fans are likely to let him hear it when he returns. He did point out the great passion and support he always had here in Toronto. He said he was grateful for it, how we all took him in and accepted him as one of our own. I believe that part as well. Bosh painted this out as hard choice for him to make as he considered Toronto his home. I am not buying that it was all that hard for him to do. He saw an opportunity to advance himself and he took it. He wasn't getting on the cover of Sports Illustrated here, which I am pretty sure never happened as Raptor. Wade and James were on the cover to though.

At the end of the day I walk away disappointed in Chris not angry at him. He had a great opportunity and he took it. Let me try something out on you and see what you think. This is what Chris Bosh should have said.

I gave all that I had to the city of Toronto. The fans of the Raptors gave me a lot of love in 7 years here. I am sad that we as an organization, and I as the face of this franchise, were not able to bring you the championship that you people crave and deserve. It is unfortunate and personally disappointing to me. I am sad to have say... good bye. However, I feel that this is a unique opportunity to play with 2 of the best players in the game, and have a chance to win championships. It is unfortunate to me Toronto could not be the destination for this to happen. Any success that I have even if it is not with Toronto as a Raptor, you and this organization helped make this possible. I am deeply grateful and will always respect and love all of you in Toronto and Canada. I understand that people will not be supportive of my choice. I would expect nothing less. But know that this was not personal and if it was just about that, my choice would likely be different. But at the end of the day I have to do what is best for me. You will always have my love and respect.

Does that not sound a lot better? It is a little longer than 140 characters but so is 7 years with a franchise. Bosh may feel a number of those things but he projected the attitude in this interview that,stuff happens, know it sucks for you, but hey what can you do? Think seven years of support deserved more than that. Think the organization that selected him and built him into the face of it's franchise deserved more as well.

There was once a Chris Bosh that said this.

"I want to be part of the solution in Toronto"

Somewhere along the line that obviously changed. Chris Bosh had hopes to be a leader of a team and take them to a championship. He now has decided to be the 3rd guy in perhaps the greatest 3 some in history of basketball. But make no mistake that despite his number change to 1, he will always be 3 in that trio. If that is enough for him and he will be happy with that...great. However, I thought Bosh wanted more than just to be "a guy". Somewhere along the line he lost the desire to be the guy. He no doubt sees it differently. He will sleep sound as he is very confident he made the right choice. If he wins as many rings, as Lebron is talking about it may not ever matter. If it was me personally I would look at those rings with a bit of regret no matter how many their happen to be. I thought Chris paid attention to how Vince Carter left Toronto and learned from it. During the season he seemed like he had. But when he left the floor that final time injured, it all changed. He made many of the fans that cheered him for 7 years angry. A lot not because he is leaving. most just in how he did and went about it.

To come mop up after the fact and say he loves the city and the fans is not going to cut it. Bosh has been here long enough to know that. But like he said he wouldn't change a thing. Many Raptor fans would.

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