No Trade Yet- Blame Jordan

So still no deal and now according to Yahoo we know why. Michael Jordan. The Bobcats owner suddenly has second thoughts about the trade that was widely report and was as good as done. It is more proof that a deal is never done until the trade call goes through. It is thought Jordan is having second thoughts about trading Tyson Chandler. This despite all the players being involved had been told this was a done deal. Raptors and Bobcats are in talks to try to get this trade done. It is thought if the Raptors added the first they got from Miami this could be a done deal. I say do it, what are you going to get with a pick from 25-30. The answer is not much. Jordan has been a failure as an executive and his biggest blunder was drafting Kwame Brown.

Obviously will keep on top of this and let you know if things change or get done. Hedo Turkoglu was lazy in his time here and his trade to leave is moving even slower than him. That part of the deal remains in tact regardless. It is the whole Charlotte part of the deal up in the air. Even if this fell apart hard to think Jose Calderon is back next year after all this.

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