The Starting 5 With Oak

It is a pleasure for me to have talked with for many, one of the most loved Raptors of all time Charles Oakley. We chatted about his thoughts on all this 2010 madness. We look at his time with the Raptors. He also give his thoughts on his desire to coach in the NBA. He gives his thoughts on that and a number of things in the league. We also get into what Charles has done off the floor and what he is up to these days. Charles is looking to start his own cooking show and is involved in a bunch of things including producing movies. It was great to talk with Charles and get his take on a number of subjects. Like any interview I have ever head with Charles there are some interesting and honest answers. This was a great treat for me and I hope it will be for you as well.

It is always interesting to hear from Charles Oakley and it would be great to see him back as a part of the NBA in some way. If that happens or not is hard to say. However, Charles Oakley will always have things going to keep himself busy and happy. Oakley if he does come back to the NBA, would bring some old school mentality with him and that is a good thing for the league. Whatever Oak does though, he does it with his full effort and it has earned him respect in Toronto, New York and with all NBA fans that watched him play. Much love and thanks to Charles Oakley.

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  1. The OAK man was Great for this team.