It is NOT hard to say GOOD BYE!!!

Finally you can get the BALL out of Toronto!!! Yes the long awaited Hedo Turkoglu deal has been finalized. Hedo and his Pizza eating, lazy, playing for Turkey and not the Raptors butt is gone. That is reason enough to celebrate, but it is also a pretty good piece coming back the other way. Leandro Barbosa has the nickname of the Brazilian Blur. So let's state the obvious the Raptors have got a lot faster in this deal. Hedo vs Barbosa in a race would be about as funny as Barkley vs Beveta. Maybe more!!! Dwyane Jones is also part of this deal. Colangelo had this to say in a quote from the press release on the 1 year Hedo Turkoglu Era

Bryan Colangelo "After much fanfare and high expectations, things just didn't seem to work out here for Turk,” added Colangelo. “I'm certain he will move on and contribute great things to Phoenix. We wish him well"

Bryan may wish him well but I think we can all agree see ya later Turkey!!! Take your ball to Phoenix and get lost. Barbosa is a former 6th man of the year with the Suns and obviously someone Colangelo knows quite well. Here is his thoughts on Barbosa.

Bryan Colangelo "Leandro Barbosa is a player I'm quite familiar with and I'm very pleased that he is coming to Toronto,” said Raptors President and General Manager Bryan Colangelo. “His speed, quickness and scoring ability will mesh well with our desired playing style and talented young athletes."

This moves Hedo's over priced contract that Colangelo signed him to off the books. While Barbosa comes at a cheaper price at 7.1 Million for less years. Colangelo talked about this and the change in direction in the post Bosh Era.

Bryan Colangelo "With the departure of Chris Bosh now real, this trade fits well with our plan of adding talent to the roster while establishing future salary cap flexibility"

The original deal with Bobcats was a far better total package. But this is a smaller step in the right direction. Barbosa is a 7 year vet of the NBA and here are his career numbers.

12.6 points, 2.4 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.0 steals and 25.1 minutes in 466 games. He has appeared in 64 playoff contests, averaging 10.2 points, 2.0 rebounds, 1.9 assists and 23.3 minutes. He averaged 15.8 points in 11 outings in the 2007 postseason.

This is far more than addition by subtraction for the Raptors. They actually got a valuable piece. In terms of Jones it is hard to know where or if he fits seeing as he was suppose to move on the Bobcats. Thanks again M.J for that. Still this is happy times for Raptor fans and relief as some may have actually bought into B.C's smoke screen of considering keeping HeDON'T. Nah one really did that....did you?

Hedo is winning one thing. The DNB POLL QUESTION on the right over there. Who would you Boo the most and his competition is Vince Carter and Chris Bosh. So never let it be said Hedo never won anything in Toronto. He did that Poll.

With all this said it is with great glee and excitement that I say on behalf of all Raptor Fans.


To the people of Phoenix we honestly can't thank you enough and Good Luck you will need it. But we have given you Steve Nash from our great country. I think this makes us square.


  1. You just don't get it do you. Colangelo is going to blow it again. He does this to you every offseason, James. He gets your hopes up with ridiculous trades and talks of a "plan" and then finishes out of the playoffs. Don't let your blog get sucked in again this year.

    That being said, thank god Turkoglu's gone. Now, how can we get rid of Barbosa

  2. Let me make it clear even with the Charlotte Deal that was on the table I was not convinced it helped the 2010/11 Raptors. My excitement was based in how it set up the roster for heading into the new CBA.

    I never endorsed the Hedo Signing, The J.O Trade, or the Kapono signing and Calderon being resigned. I have been a fan of his minor moves. Jack, Weems, Johnson (The Trade not the Signing)

    The Raptors must stick to a core and roll with. Not sure if you heard the interview with Charles Oakley in the blog but he said that and I agree with him. Good teams stick together. You can not constantly be stripping down a team and rebuilding it. hopefully the Young Guns can step up and be a core for this team to move forward.