Bosh May Just Leave For Miami

After yesterday the with idea of Bosh and James in Cleveland being discussed, today you and I wake up to the news that Bosh will go to Miami. He may go being 30 million light in the pocket book as well. Both Wade and Bosh have been filming a documentary. Safe to say that documentary would be interesting to a lot of people. So could the profits of that documentary counter act to a degree the lost income (somewhat) it would take for Bosh to just walk and go to Miami? It might. This is also on top of very strained relationship between Bosh and Raptors management. Bosh has not talked to the Raptors very much if at all between the end of the season and July 1st. The fact Bryan Colangelo did not even bother to hop a plane to Dallas was a message to Bosh you have to figure. It would appear the the two sides that both on the record agreed to work together for a sign and trade have not done that.

This all comes on the heels of Lebron James announcing that he will announce where he is going on ESPN to announce his new home. On Thursday night the world will be witness. Which is fitting seeing as they have hyped this up for over 2 years. The King also joined Twitter yesterday. You can join the thousands turning to Millions that are following him on Twitter. To put it in some kind of perspective, James passed Chris Bosh in followers in less than 12 hours. @KingJames is the hottest follow on Twitter right now. So if James says his destination and Wade and Bosh today this could mean we can all get on with our lives Friday. This may be the most exciting news of all.

While many in the media have said if Bosh walks outright it is a disaster. I agree it is not good. However when Chris Bosh was filming this documentary and the communication had broken down should we not all have seen this coming. If the goal was to rebuild anyway, this is a setback in that process. but the process would have been the same. The Raptors sign and trade or not were not expected to be a playoff team by people. In the end the outlook remains the same. Although the pressure on Colangelo to make trades increases 10 fold to make this roster better.

I had always believed Miami was first in this race and after a lot of jockeying and false info, it appears that they in fact are the winners landing Bosh and their own superstar in D-Wade. Toronto sees another superstar leave with nothing really to show for it. Yeah we have all seen this movie before. This is a trilogy that Raptor fans give 2 thumbs down too.

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