The Waiting Game

Remember when you read Lebron James would decide by today? Forget about that it would seem. King James has a basketball camp with Nike so maybe Thursday we will find out? James is not a free agent from Nike after all. This likely means we will not get a decision from Chris Bosh as well. It seems pretty clear that Bosh will wait to see where James lands before he decides. There were also stories that The Raptors are not exactly thrilled with the sign and trade options they have from 4 teams that they have on the table. They could decide to just let Bosh walk, rather than make a sign and trade deal and give Bosh his extra year and money. The Raptors keep working regardless of waiting for Bosh.

Doug Smith in the Toronto Star reports the Raptors are close to signing someone to and MLE(Mid Level Exception). Smith suggests a number of names that include Matt Barnes, Ronnie Brewer, J.J Redick, Ryan Gomes and Shannon Brown. Obviously the most interesting on that list is Shannon Brown. He would fit right in with a guy like Demar Derozan and Sonny Weems. The Raptors team dunk contest could be far more entertaining than the NBA one. I am not sure if any of these players are worth a mid level exemption to be honest. However the way this free agency has gone likely everyone on that list will get one from the Raptors or elsewhere.

Some old business gets wrapped up today with the introduction of Ed Davis to the Toronto media. He was without a passport and with the G-20 summit it delayed his introduction until now. Amir Johnson now re-signed it would seem that Davis will be a back-up at this point. Solomon Alabi will also be there to address the media.

It is very hard to figure out what to expect from the Raptors next season without knowing who will be here and who will not. But based on what we do know the Raptors look to be a team that is looking to improve defensively and continue to be a team that runs on offense. While the rumours continue to go on it is important these days to remember the difference between fact and fiction. There have been lots of rumoured sign and trade packages for Chris Bosh. Including one from Houston that many find appealing. There is no guarantee that deal is real.

I would also suggest the Bosh is using Houston as leverage to get another team to commit to giving him max money. I find it hard to believe if Bosh was serious about returning to his home state he would not at least talk to Dallas. I just don't see Bosh playing for a team in his home state. This is my opinion of course and could be wrong. However it seems to me that Miami and Chicago are the top 2 on the depth chart and anywhere else for me would be a surprise.

So welcome to a week of waiting Raptor Fans.

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