7 Days of NBAZ

It is time for our weekly look around the NBA that we like to call 7 Dayz of NBAZ. So, if you are ready let's hop aboard the train.

Chris Paul should never end up in New York if you think about it. Who owns the Hornets? That would be the NBA. They have preached that they are looking for a more balanced competitive league throughout this lockout. Creating another super team in New York is not what they meant.

Superman is set to fly away from the Magic Kingdom. In this new NBA of teams being pro-active and trading their stars before they have a chance to walk away D-12 is the latest to be in this position. Not sure where Dwight ends up but as a Magic fan you have to be worried that Otis Smith is the guy pulling the trigger don't you? The trades he made last year were just awful. This trade is perhaps the biggest in the history of the Magic franchise. But cheer up Magic Fans he can't possible do as bad as Rob Babcock did for the Raptors with Vince Carter? Or Can he?

Danny Angie is pouring cold water on Rajon Rondo trade rumours. The Celtics would be flat out insane to trade Rondo. Can he be a handful to deal with at times? Yes. But that is why you convinced Doc Rivers to comeback and paid him all that money. Many including myself think that Rondo is the most important player on this team. If you want to give a death sentence to the original big 3 then go trade Rondo.

It is almost a new season and Andrew Bynum might be on the block again. It is like signs there is an off-season begins with a good Bynum trade rumour. The Lakers have bigger fish to fry in terms of proving they can actually win without Phil Jackson with or without Bynum. The reason they can't move Bynum is they are with and without him quite a bit. He is more damaged goods than Kris Humphries after his marriage to that Kim girl. Hump is a free agent both on and off the floor by the way.

If there is a trade or free agent rumour that does not involved the soon to be Brooklyn Nets can you tell me what it is. Looks like the Nets missed the memo about how teams are going to now spend less and that the new super luxury tax was going to slow spending. Russian Billionaires laugh at such things. Vodka for everyone and pass the check book. The problem will be selling players on coming there. But now with move to Brooklyn not just a pipe dream but a soon reality that task might become easier. Regardless the Atlantic is starting to become no joke. The Nets would like to stop being one.

Want Marc Gasol? Forget about it. Grizzlies ownership says they will match any offers on the Free Agent. Still will someone try? You bet they will even if it is a division rival trying to drive up the price.

So that was a quick look around the league. Back to more Raptor related stuff before the weekend on Friday. Hope all is going well in your world out there.

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