DNB Notebook

Ok first thing is first. Raptors game will not be found on T.V tonight so get your laptop & some hot coco and click on this link. Through the magic of Christmas you will see the game. Bayless and Gray will be starting according the the members of the travelling media which are few for this one. Raptors also confirmed this with a tweet.

Happy to report one of my favourite people has found employment. Reggie Evans has been brought in by the Clippers for anyone that has any ideas of pushing Paul or Griffin around they now have an answer.

Raptors will wear God awful uniforms on March 21st to honour the military. I am guessing this was suppose to happen on November 11th for Remembrance Day. Truth is this is more gimmick than it is tribute. I had a father serve in the Air Force and if he was alive I am sure he would not feel honoured. I was also stunned by the amount of attention the gimmicky Raptors 3-D logo got. I am tired of gimmicks and honestly they may think they work but they really don't. Only the stupidest or loyalist of fans don't see through this junk. It is more of a magic trick to distract from the horrible on court product.

The NEW MLSE might be just as bad as the old MLSE. Only need to look at the complete failure by Rogers in the whole Yu Darvish bidding process. The Jays did not land the Japanese star pitcher. Now post facto they refuse to even acknowledge they were trying. Again do people at the top of these companies not understand that by and large people are intelligent and not nearly as stupid as they seem to think? This is going to be half of the evil empire combined with Bell that will be running the Raptors. Should I hold any confidence that the Raptors will be allowed to spend beyond a luxury tax in the future? No not a chance in hell. In fact I read something last night that looked back to 1992 payrolls and compared it to today. Jays salaries are only 6 million higher than it was back then. The only team less was the Kansas City Royals at 2 million. How I wish a Canadian Version of Mark Cuban would come save us all. Santa likely can't provide me that gift.

That is all I have for today. Try not to kill anyone over a parking spot. Try to remember it is the holidays and good will on earth and all of that. I am going to go put on my Jack Armstrong and Eric Smith Christmas Album and try and be festive.


  1. Hey, how come you don't like the camo jersey's? I think a salute to the troops is a very honorable thing to do, we have lost far too many in senseless battles around the world. Why not acknowledge them?

  2. What I don't like is if it is used for profit at all by MLSE. Which to this point is not known. If that is not the case I have no problem with it. But if they are sell Camo Jersey's at Real Sports and the money is not going to Military 100% of it than I have a serious problem with it.