Raptors Tough Talk Will Be Put To The Test

The Toronto Raptors have been talking tough in this training camp. Much talk of a change in mentality and a focus on defence. Well all that talk gets put to the test nicely against the Boston Celtics. Ever since the Big 3 appeared in Boston they have been the Raptors school yard bully. Kevin Garnett has been at the forefront of that. We all remember some of the events that have happened when these teams have hooked up. From Garnett yapping at Jose Calderon to a well placed knee by Paul Pierce to Chris Bosh's southern region.

Rajon Rondo will also be a nice test for this defence. Can you actually hide a Jose Calderon in this system? It is a safe bet will find out fast. Rondo has flat out owned Calderon in the past and blows by him really at will. The Celtics issues might lie at the center position. Shaq has retired and J.O is really the only true center they have left on the roster. While the Raptors may not have added quality but they do have depth at the five spot. Jamaal Magloire , Arron Gray and a bigger Amir Johnson all will see time at the five spot this year. Ed Davis might even see some minute and you have the raw Solomon Alabi as well.

Doc Rivers seemed less than impressed with his team's conditioning coming out of this lockout. The Raptors should give them a good test in that regard with their run and gun style offence. Raptors did few things well last year but one of them was fast break points. Boston will get a good run if nothing else playing against the Raptors for two games in the pre-season.

At the end of this two game pre-season we should have a good idea if all this talk has any merit to it. Andrea Bargnani has been catching praise for his new found effort on defence and on the boards. Will see what happens when the likes of K.G is on the other side of the equation.

The time for talking is almost over. Raptors will be having a practice for the fans at Variety Village in Scarborough. it gets rolling at 6:30pm but you need passes to get in that were available at the ACC Box Office so safe bet they might all be gone at this point.

I won't be there but I will be there Sunday for Raptors and Celtics. Today is my mom's Birthday so that will be the main focus of my day. If you can't make it down to ACC for Pre-Season game it will be available on Sportsnet with a 1pm tip time. See you folks Monday with lots of good stuff from my trip to the ACC.

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