7 Dayz of NBAZ

Has there been a more bizarre week in the history of the NBA? Chris Paul is trapped in New Orleans with no signs of getting out. Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando and then he kinda does, but then he says he loves you Orlando but hates Otis Smith. Kobe is pissed and it isn't about Mike Brown, it is about Lamar Odom being traded for next to nothing. This because Odom had his feelings hurt and wife yell at him for almost getting traded to New Orleans. Instead a Kardashian in the city of the world's most famous porn movie seems fitting to me. David Stern jokes are all the rage on twitter. Kevin Garnett has taken Stern off his Christmas card list and does not like this demanding schedule. In terms of former Raptors , Vince is a Mav, T.J a Spur and Kris Humphries is single in life and in the NBA without a team. My main guy Reggie Evans is also on the list of players that are homeless and likely saying trade Chris Paul and Howard already. Kwame Brown is making millions still. Mark Jackson will regret leaving ESPN before Kwame is cut? Big Baby has been sent to Magic Kingdom. Rumours he was to big for some of the rides at Disney World are 100% true. Meanwhile Kendrick Perkins looks like he lost a small person in terms of weight. The number is said to be 30 pounds it looks more like 50.

This and about 500 other things have happened in the last week or so. Aside from Stern botching the whole Chris Paul situation to the point that Paul is thinking of suing the league in an attempt to get his freedom. I know I joke but this is actually true. He would sue for damages and a court order to allow him to be traded to Lakers or the Clippers. Problem is the season starts in 11 days. By the time a court hears this case it may well be the All-Star Break. That was a joke but to get a ruling from a court during the holidays in under 11 days? I see that as highly unlikely. Here is an idea have David Stern and Chris Paul go on Judge Judy. I mean hell the NBA has been embarrassed a ton already why not go all the way. Who wouldn't enjoy Judge Judy yelling at both Stern and Paul? I know I would.

Cory Joesph has had trouble suiting up for the Spurs. Some legal issues about working in the States. This just seems bizarre seeing as he played for the Longhorns in the same state that he is playing his pro ball. Tristan Thompson did not have the same issues as even the government is fearful of the wrath of Dan Gilbert. Once Joesph is able to play he will have a very familiar face in former Longhorn T.J Ford. This should help Joesph learn the ropes a little faster. It will also cut down on his minutes on the down side. As for Thompson for now he will be coming off the bench behind longtime vet Antwan Jamison. He makes his debut at home against the Raptors on the 26th. Be make his pre-season debut on NBA T.V on Friday vs the Pistons.

Proof not only Raptor trades fail. O.J Mayo for the 2nd time in under a year was off to the Pacers only to see the deal fall apart. This one falling apart had nothing to do with David Stern or Michael Jordan. While one of the big prizes in Free Agency has done the far from normal thing of staying with the team he was with. Nene was never coming to Toronto according to Leandro Barbosa because it was to cold. But it does snow in Denver right? Or has Tim Tebow made it a tropical island? Regardless Nene is staying in the land of Tebow with the Nuggets not the Broncos.

There is no doubt I will be talking about at least some of these things tonight on the Radio 12ish am on CJLO on The Sports Grind.

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