DNB Top 10- Not in the Top 20 Locks

They (Raptors or NBA TV) apparently have put together a list of the top 20 Raptors of all time. Instead of doing that today on the top 10 we will do the top 10 people that will NOT be in the Raptors Top 20 players of all time. This has more fun potential to it does it not?

10. Jimmy King- He was a member of the Fab 5 in Michigan and he was the first ever second round pick of the Toronto Raptors. He started the great tradition of failed second round picks in Toronto. I would mention some but they might end up on this list.

9. B.J Armstrong- Technically he was the first Raptor ever not that he ever played for the Raptors the former NBA Champion thanks to some guy named Jordan would be traded long before the Raptors first game vs the Nets at Skydome.

8. Gary Trent- will not be making the list either. Some how Trent managed to play for four different NBA Franchises. Starting in Portland than off to Toronto and would move along to Dallas and Minny before fading into the abyss after the 2003-04 season

7. Keon Clark- It is pretty scary to hear the stories after the fact about Clark. He played apparently high or drunk for most of his time in Toronto. The fact he would end up in jail on drug related charges is not surprising given that info.

6. Alexsandar Radojevic- Was 7 foot 3. He was drafted by the Raptors. He was a complete failure and than ended up in Utah...This story sounds familiar but will get to that later. Here is proof that size does in fact not matter. The thing that is more puzzling is why 4 years later Utah would think he had gotten any better?

5. Mamadou N'diaye- Got to hang around with the Raptors for almost 3 seasons it took Dallas only half a season to pass on him. He will never go down as the 2nd greatest player to come out of Auburn since Charles Barkley. He likely in not even the best NBA Player from Sengal. But the name was cool he had that.

4 Hakeem Olajuwan- He was a two time NBA Champion in Houston. A real stand up guy that did a great deal in the community. An NBA legend and would find his place on many lists of the best centres to play the game. But the only dream shaking we saw in Toronto was the one that earned him a pay check for doing next to nothing. He was no dream for us.

3. Micheal Bradley- Was a Nova Wildcat and was at the time thought to be a steal for the Raptors in the draft. But the only stealing that was done was him earning a paycheck from the Raptors. He bounced around to 4 other teams but spent the majority of his 173 game NBA Career with the Raptors.

2. Micheal "Yogi" Stewart- If there was a man with less basketball talent that got paid more money I would like to know who it was? Adam Morrison? Maybe but still Yogi Stewart was more team mascot than he was player. The former Cal Bear spent 4 years of fun here in Toronto. If he didn't have fun he sure had the money to have fun.

Do we all know who # 1 is? You know you do so get ready to yell it out at the top of your lungs....

1. Rafael "Hoffa" Araujo- He became the poster boy of Rob Babcock's failure. He had 2 years of just pathetic performance before he was in perhaps the greatest trade of the Colangelo era sent to Utah for some bad ass and a guy that would go on to marry some girl named Kim. He also was a power forward in the NBA. Kris Humphries became famous and Arajuo is infamous with all Raptor fans. He is in a class of his own as perhaps the WORST RAPTOR OF ALL TIME. But that debate could be a long one. A lot longer than talking about who has actually been good here in the last 16 years or so.

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