DNB Top 10- Over Reactions To Last Night's Win

Let's be honest we all as Raptor fans can be pretty moody. When things are good some tend to go a little overboard. When things are bad the same is true. So here are some classic over reactions to avoid so you don't look silly after last night's win. Or maybe were just being silly. Either way it makes for a solid top 10.

#10- Got to start saving money for my playoff tickets in May.

#9- That Ed Davis is better than Chris what's his name in Miami

#8- Dwane Casey for Coach of the Year.

#7- Jose Calderon can play defence it is indeed a Christmas Miracle.

#6- Amir Johnson is going to average double double this year.

#5- I am going to get fat from all the free pizza I eat from Raptors 100 point wins at home.

#4- The Cavs were a quality team

#3- Andrea Bargnani will win Defensive Player of the Year....Book it.

#2- Raptors have the best bench in the NBA.

#1- Raptors are going to have a better record than Dallas and the Lakers.

Joking aside the Raptors did play well against a team that honestly if they hadn't beat this list would have been 10 reasons the Raptors won't go 0-66. Will see what happens when they take a step up the food chain on Wednesday for the home opener at the ACC. But for now enjoy a win just don't catch yourself saying anything on this list. It is still likely to be a long season but that was a heck of a start for the Raptors. They deserve lots of credit.

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  1. Love it, couldn't agree more.