DNB Top 10- Bargnani Rebounding Edition

So Dwane Casey thinks Andrea Bargnani can average 2 rebounds a quarter which would make 8 rebounds a game. Honestly Raptors fans have a hard time buying into this. So here is a list of things that will happen BEFORE Bargnani averages 8 rebounds a game.

#10 Obama's 2nd term in office

#9 Lebron James wins five championships

#8 David Stern retires.

#7 A NBA All Star Game in Toronto takes place

#6 Myck Kabongo is the Raptors starting point guard

#5 All Raptor Games are on Sportsnet 1 or TSN 2

#4 Vince Carter's number is retired at the ACC

#3 Chris Paul wins a title with the Knicks

#2 TFC wins the MLS Cup

#1 Hell freezes over and Leafs win Stanley Cup

So that is our list. You have some better ones tweet them at me @Dinonationblog and I will re-post them on Twitter. In short sorry Dwane Casey seeing is believing. First the comments about Bargnani being like Dirk and now this. Casey is setting himself up if he is putting his faith in Andrea. Many Raptors fans have done it before he got here and been disappointed.

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