DNB is Back Off the Injured Reserve

My apologies for taking perhaps the first four day weekend in the history of the DNB. I was having trouble with my ears and hearing. Finally went to go see a doctor which for me is a rare event. The good news is I am not going deaf it was just an ear infection and I have been taking the medication and my hearing is back to where it was. My medical issues combined with a sense of this season being pretty much done in terms of any hopes of the playoffs yet again made it tough to get off the mat.

I won’t get into to much that went on as will be doing This Week In Raptorland later today and I can chime in with my two cents there.

One of the things I have been doing is coming up with a new idea for the DNB that will be trying out at some point before the end of the season. I am really excited about it and think this could be something pretty cool if it works out well. It will be tied to Raptor games and if it works it will become an every game event next season.

My general thoughts on the game in L.A? Nothing about it was all that shocking. The Raptors have a lead heading to the fourth only to blow it and eventually lose in overtime and Kobe Bryant goes off and leads the way back. DeMar DeRozan continues his strong play when he heads home to take on the Lakers something he has done for most of his career.

The game yesterday against Cleveland seemed like a role reversal with the Cavs playing the role of the Raptors. Give the Raptors credit though with no Rudy Gay and Andrea Bargnani they finally pulled through in the end and won the game. Tristan Thompson looks like he is really starting to develop in his second year and that is good news for Canada Basketball fans.

So I am back and This Week in Raptorland will be out sometime later today. Again, my apologies for being MIA except for some tweets. I am really going to look long and hard to build a staff for next season that can fill in the gaps in times like this. I tried to do that this season without much success in terms of the follow through of the folks I picked. This year I hope to find better people that share the dedication that I have shown for over 5 years in doing this. You deserve that.

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