Game Notes on Cats and Raptors.

It is hard to get fired up for any Raptors games of late. The peak of non-interest has to be the Raptors and Bobcats. This game was painful to watch at times but in the end did see some strong performances from some individuals at times the team as a whole.  That said you would sure hope the Raptors would out perform perhaps the worst team in the NBA in the last 2 or 3 years. This has seldom been the case in the last two seasons entering this year with a pathetic 1-6 record against the Bobcats. This season the Raptors got shafted in Charlotte and lost on blown call but did rebound nicely to win at the ACC later in the season that is where this one was last night.

Rather than go through the entire game which at time was a complete and colossal bore. Will just give you some point form notes on the night that was.

Amir Johnson had a massive double-double of 12 points and career high 21 rebounds with 8 of those on the offensive glass. Another consistent strong performance for if we voted on a team MVP this guy would easily get my vote.

Nice night for the Rookies with Jonas getting 10 points and 6 rebounds and Ross shot 4-5 and had 9 on the night.

Rudy Gay was back looking a little healthier and a lot more productive with 28 points. All that while going an efficient 11-16 from the field.

The Raptors starting back court stunk with Lowry shooting 3-10 and DeRozan just 1-5 from the field. That would lead to just 9 points for DeMar and 7 for Kyle.

Bobcat’s shooting was brutal as they shot just 32.5% from the field with Raptors in at just over 48%

In the end the Bobcats shooting percentage might have been a bit flattering to the Raptors as at times their defense looked brutal no more so than in the late third and early fourth Quarter.

In the end if you decided to go out and enjoy your Friday night you were smarter than the folks that watched this one. …like me. Raptors take it going away 92-78 whipping the kittens in the final quarter 23-10. No time to enjoy this one as the Heat roll into town as hot as their name would suggest and maybe even more.

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