Quincy Acy Back To Close Out The Season

Quincy Acy is coming back after a few weeks with the Jam in the D-League. Quincy was assigned to the Jam on March 4th. Acy in 10 games for Bakersfield averaged 13.1 points 8.6 rebounds and averaging 30 minutes per game. In a rest of a season that offers little in terms of interest Quincy Acy is at least someone to be interested in.

The Raptors next see the floor Wednesday against the Hawks. It is safe assume Acy could be back and in the line-up for that game. It will need to be confirmed tomorrow but with Raptors having some injuries mounting it makes sense to have Acy available. Not to mention the fact they will want to get him some experience like they are with Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross.

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