Raptors Avoided Regression and Embarrassment Against The Nets

The Raptors avoided what would have been a critical loss along with the embarrassment of it being on this overly hyped Drake Night. The Raptors at points looked like the team that struggled with Rudy Gay to start the season Brooklyn is still far from 100 percent in terms of their roster health but had been finding ways to win of late. Their last lost prior to Saturday was against the San Antonio Spurs back on New Year’s Eve.

The Raptors were sloppy and turning over the ball while struggling to find the ball movement that has sparked their offensive attack in this change of fortune for the team this season. A couple of back to back baskets by DeMar DeRozan late in the third seemed to be the catalyst to a comeback run that Raptors would ride all the way to an easy win. At times it looked pretty bleak earlier in the third with the Raptors down double digits to the Nets.

With the victory the Raptors now move 4 full games in front in the Atlantic Division and appear to have things well in hand despite improvement from both the Knicks and Nets of late. New York knocked off Miami on Thursday in a surprising result but they as a result of losing the home and home match-up with Toronto have to win both of the remaining contests just to earn a split. While the Raptors and Nets have each one a game with a couple left to play in their season series.

Drake might have got more mentions on this broadcast than the Raptors individually. He did the pre-game introductions, was on the broadcast for play by play which was more PR for why Drake loves the Raptors and he was on Camera a ton in case you forgot he was there.

He comes off as wanted what is best for the Raptors and I don’t doubt he does. I also don’t doubt he is most concerned with how Drake comes off to everyone than anything. I think he has honest intentions but I also think he has a clear agenda for himself as well. But if you liked all this nonsense based on the result in terms of both the game and ticket sales it seems likely this will happen again.

In fact the Raptors have even tried to attach Drake to their latest fan zone gimmick calling it the Drake 416 Zone. In the past Raptors use to have a Young Onez Zone and other names attached to it. So it is more the re-branding of an old and honestly stale idea.

Basketball wise the Raptors have not looked as good as when this roll started. They are showing some signs of regression non-larger than Saturday. The question is... are the Raptors aware of this and re-acting to it as far as the players go. It is very easy to get caught up in the hype of a winning streak.

If the Raptors are every going to be cocky and overlook someone the Milwaukee Bucks would be a prime Candidate. They in an Eastern Conference that has been completely brutal have managed to standout as the worst of all. Not an easy accomplishment in the pathetic Eastern Conference. Andrew Wiggins as a Buck is a real fear if you believe the NBA Lottery is on the level.

Raptors started from the bottom and they are here seems almost to cliché to say. However it may end up making a hack of a theme for what has happened this season. I wonder if they can get the rights to that song?  Without paying I mean….Maybe.

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