B.C Admits The Bosh Era Is "Likely" Over

Bryan Colangelo in an interview on the Fan 590 admitted that it is "likely" that Chris Bosh is going to leave Toronto. Bosh as expected has not used his player option and is officially a free agent. He also admitted to have little communication with Bosh lately. Saying that Bosh had been on a vacation for like a month. That has not stopped Bosh from appearing on many U.S based radio and t.v programs. Most recently on ESPN's morning radio show on the day of the NBA Draft. Bosh has refused interview requests from the Fan590. Even the events in Toronto from the G-20 Summit violence did not draw even a tweet from Bosh.

I am upset at how Bosh has handled his all but confirmed exit from Toronto. I do not dispute that it from his prospective is likely a wise decision. Colangelo in the same interview said that all his moves that he has made have been discussed with Chris. However the failure of the major moves he has executed have been a large part of Bosh wanting out. Colangelo upon taking the job with the Raptors stated part of the appeal of it was to build a team around Chris. He has now officially (or will when Bosh signs elsewhere) failed to do that.

In other bits and bites from the interview Colangelo claims that Hedo Turkoglu is moveable. However he says he does not think of the situation could still not be repaired. That time can change things. Still, I would think that with a Bosh free Raptors and the fan base hating Hedo to Vince Carter levels that you can't fix that. Also Colangelo suggested that if Bosh leaves the re-signing of Amir Johnson would be come a high priority.

The most scary of all could be this thought. Colangelo who once had stated that he and Bosh had an agreement to work together on a sign and trade situation seemed to suggest that is no longer a lock. Chris had once also said that as well in terms of working with Raptors for a sign and trade. What seems to have changed is Bosh's willingness to pair up with Dwyane Wade or Lebron James or both. Some have suggested that Miami is going to try and land all 3 of the big free agent haul. If that were to happen the pressure on Miami would be massive.

News has been leaking that James has ruled out Cleveland and now this acknowledgment by Colangelo about Bosh, Cleveland and Toronto have the potential to be the biggest losers in 2010 Free Agency. Colangelo himself has yet to have his contract extended along with news that his father Jerry could be taking over the Nets as President. It could be possible B.C may not be to long for the Raptors as well. If he can not find a way to get this team on the right path in the post Bosh era that seems very possible.

It is hard not to think of Colangelo as a failure as the G.M. He was brought here to save us. To use a little Stars Wars, He was the chosen one and was suppose to bring balance to the force. He was not suppose to end up like the evil G.M's of the past that failed to save our star players from the evil Untied States and those 29 other teams. So who is the Raptors Luke Skywalker? I have no idea. But it wasn't Bosh and it isn't B.C. July 1st is a holiday in Canada but for Raptor fans it is the start of a sad summer and off-season. Bryan Colangelo has the almost impossible task of making that not be the case.

Colangelo said that with all that went on it created "The Perfect Storm" for Bosh to leave. There is nothing perfect about that and Colangelo admits that Ed Davis is not going to be able to replace Chris. That would be unfair to think he could. Raptor fans have seen this movie before and they are getting tired of it. Who can blame them.


  1. #TorontoWantsHedo

  2. Is it what it is. I thought though that BC was willing to go over the luxery tax and possibly sign another superstar? Minus Bosh, couldn't they sign a couple of talented free agents or trade and upgrade the talent level to compensate the loss of Bosh? They should have Bosh's money to spend on somebody else. Trade Turkoglu now!

  3. It is really hard for me to put a positive spin on what Colangelo just revealed to Bob McCown on PTS. I give Colangelo credit to at least being honest with his fanbase and letting us know where things stand.

    Will Colangelo also take responsibility once Bosh signs elsewhere, simlarily to how he took responsibility for missing the playoffs?

    #1 Colangelo envisioned us as a 50 win team - Fail

    #2 He also has us making the playoffs and looking to advance to at least the 2nd round - Fail#

    #3 He vowed to build a playoff perenial team around Bosh so that he would resign with us - Fail

    #4 In the process he has given away valuable draft picks and sucked up cap space with several contracts we are saddled with for years - Fail

    #5 He ended up keeping a coach he never saw eye to eye with and fired at the wrong time, and only made the situation worse by hiring a coach with no head coaching NBA experience. - Fail

    As you can see above, we are not even getting close to fair market value for Colangelo's lucrative contract that he signed with MLSE.

    Do you feel confident that Colangelo can rebuild this club, and worse, will he try and squeeze out as many wins as he can this year with his moves to get a new contract but hurting a rebuild and subjecting us to another glorious fight for the #8 spot only to be devoured by the top seed.

    We need to blow this up once and for all. Keep the young coachable players that exert effort and get rid of all the soft players who are gutless. If we go through the roster it is scary how much deadwood there is on the roster now, and how far we have to go.

    Most Raptor fans will accept a proper rebuild. Will MLSE though? The ironic thing is that a hardnosed defensive team that plays with guts even losing more games than they win will not hurt attendance and interest, as long as the nucleus can stay together.

  4. I was right about Colangelo from the start (I actually wanted to try and get Sam Presti at the time), I said he signed too many bad contracts and he will not be our savior. I remembered him as the same guy who gave Marbury a max contract, the league just loves him so much because he's Jerry Colangelo's son. Maybe it's time to part ways with Bryan. I hear Kevin Pritchard and Mark Warkentien are available, Dennis Lindsey would be a good option as well, this looks like a good resume to me: http://www.nba.com/spurs/roster/dennis_lindsey.html.

    One thing for sure is that this is most likely Bryan's last off-season in Toronto.

  5. What Toronto beyond that famous Turkish community want Hedo back? I can only think of maybe one person that I have talked to that does.

  6. As for if Bosh walks the Raptors would actually only end up with about 7 million in Cap space.