Bosh Tweets Light Up My Twitter Page

With the admission of Bryan Colangelo that Bosh was as good as gone. It sparked a firestorm of fan reaction on social media. Twitter had a lot of hate for Chris Bosh with few signs of love. I would post some of them but honestly most were not exactly family friendly. The hate also extended to part of Bosh's inner circle as many fans took aim at Hadi Teherany. Who people may know better from his Twitter account @Hadisworld. He is the president of Max Deal Technologies among other things. A lot of Raptor fans see him as this evil figure. Personally I have never had an issue with him. But the reality of things is that Chris Bosh is the guy that made this decision not Hadi. Also, Henry Thomas is his agent and I would think he plays a larger role at the end of the day. Thomas Last summer joined Creative Artist Agency who had made the jump into pro sports with the launch of a sports division. He also is the agent for Dwyane Wade which has fueled the speculation of Bosh and Wade in Miami long before yesterday.

But I am not sure if Henry Thomas is on Twitter, but pretty sure he is not interacting with Raptor fans. Hadi on the other hand is a fixture on Twitter and rubs many fans the wrong way. It all has a very entourage feel to it. While it is unfair to suggest Hadi would be nowhere without Chris Bosh. I say that because I don't think fans have any knowledge to make that conclusion. It also is clear that his relationship with Chris has done him a lot of good personally and professionally. While I understand the dislike of many towards him. To me, this is like blaming Turtle for Vinnie Chase not making a movie in Canada. It is just an example mind you, not saying Hadi is Turtle, although from the debut of Entourage that isn't a bad thing. What is also clear is that Hadi could careless what people think in the Raptor fan base. At least if judge it by his public posts on Twitter. His loyalty is clearly to Chris and honestly it should be. While I have not agreed with a lot of how he has gone about things and how Chris and his people have approached this impending departure. When you search for a villain in this whole situation he makes an easy target. Which granted some would say is based on what he puts out there for public consumption. I would welcome the opportunity to talk with Hadi if he wants to present his side here in the Dino Nation Blog. I don't think that will happen but the invitation is open for him if he wants to take it.

I personally have been labeled by some as a Bosh apologist. I don't work for Chris and have never met Hadi. At the end of the day it is very easy to blame the guy walking out the door. However, Chris Bosh is not Vince Carter and any comparison to his leaving to Carter's departure is misguided. Carter clearly quit on the Raptors while playing for them. Chris gave what he had while playing for the Raptors. It should also be pointed out that some Raptors fans turned their back on Chris long before he decided to leave Toronto. After watching many stars go it seemed that some fans were determined to not get burned again and decided to hate Chris before he left them. About the only thing in common between the two (Carter&Bosh) is a lack of satisfaction with the performance of the organization.

When you look at this logically and without emotion this is more a case of the Raptors failure to surround Bosh with a supporting cast that was able to win. This is a far more intelligent conversation. In which you could argue or debate that Bosh owns at least a percentage of the blame. However, at the end of the day, the highest percentage of blame has to be at the top. That would be Bryan Colangelo. You could even take it a step further and say MLSE is to blame. They did not go over the tax threshold in the Chris Bosh era and make a serious attempt to win. Bosh at least suggested that in his remarks after the season. Now was that a MLSE choice and Bryan Colangelo was limited to a budget below that tax threshold? Only Bryan and the MLSE Board know that answer. Until Bosh made the point about it takes being a tax team to win a championship did MLSE make a public statement of being willing to go over the threshold. Maybe they had in the past and I missed it to be fair. However the point is that they didn't and haven't.

The blame game of why Chris Bosh left will go on for a long time to come. There may never be a real answer to what actually went wrong. However at the end of it all even if things when perfect for the Raptors maybe it wouldn't have mattered. If Bosh,Wade and James have a chance to play together and all 3 of them are committed to that goal, was there anything that anyone could have done to stop it? The answer is no. If they can all get paid and find a team that wants to make that happen it really is beyond any ones control to prevent it. Wade has positioned South Beach and Miami to be that place. His Organization has took the massive gamble of stripping the roster down to nothing to make it happen.

While for fans the departure of players is an emotional thing. In terms of Bosh, The Raptors, Agents and 29 other teams this is business. At the end of the day you need to decide if you are cheering for laundry or people. Jerry Seinfeld had a comedy bit on that about sports fans basically cheering for uniforms. I support my laundry and the Raptor logo but I do not just dismiss the people that I have enjoyed that played for the team. I also don't automatically like someone just because they are a Raptor. Ultimately like or dislike people the goal is always about the Raptors being successful. Chris Bosh leaving regardless of your feelings towards him good or bad is not a step in that direction at least in the short term. As for the long term it becomes the job of Bryan Colangelo to convince us that it will be. Talk of keeping Hedo Turkoglu potentially is not exactly a move in that direction if you ask me. But to be fair Colangelo has an off-season to change minds. Something that will be hard to do as many will point to his failures as the main reason their 5 time All-Star is gone.

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