The Starting 5 with Darren Andrade

The Dino Nation Blog is always expanding are list of guests for the Starting 5. Today we welcome Darren Andrade from Sway Sports.ca to talk NBA and Raptors with us. You also may know Darren from his appearances on The Grill Room on Sun T.V and has worked on Raptors T.V over the years as well. We talk about the impact of the 2010 Free Agent summit that Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are all going to be a part. How will it impact on the NBA? Will it have an even larger impact on sports in general? We also talk about the many challenges that face the Raptors and Bryan Colangelo over the summer. How does this team move forward and who is the future for the Raptors? Some thoughts on the Raptors latest hire in P.J Carlesmio and what the Raptors will do in the draft.

Thanks to Darren for his time it was great talking ball with him. He is one of many fine people I met in covering the Raptors this season. Hope to have him back in the future as a guest as we go through this interesting off-season. You can follow Darren on Twitter @SwaySports. Later in the week will focus on the draft and talk with Ed Isaacson of NBA Draft Blog and look at the draft. Imagine that? Thanks to Darren for his time and a great conversation.

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